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Bless Your Anger

All emotions are a gift.  They are a necessary part of who we are.  Our life force is contained in our emotions.   Anger is a very powerful emotion.  When we are angry it is a sign that our boundries have been invaded or that we are giving our power away. Years ago, I...

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Fibromyalgia and Adrenal Fatigue

Recovery from Adrenal Fatigue Adrenal fatigue plays a role in fibromyalgia. Our fibromyalgia bodies are tired.  They have no more get up and go.  Instead they have a strong lay down and rest need.   On December 3 2019, I shared an article about adrenal fatigue on...

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Creating a Joyous 2019

Hello everyone,  As I write this, it is December 31, 2018. The last day of the year as we prepare to move into the new year of 2019. This day is also my birthday.  Each year on my birthday, I take time to reflect on the year that is ending and contemplate the upcoming...

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