The Power of Intention

The Power of Intention

“Intention provides the template to a future not yet in manifestation”


For those of us with fibromyalgia and many other chronic illnesses, it can sometimes feel discouraging to work towards improved health.  We are told by the medical community that there is no cure, it is all in our heads, we need to learn to live with it, etc.


Set your intention

Years ago, my fibromyalgia was really bad.  It was so bad, that I could not imagine living my life this way.  I adopted the attitude that I could rebuild my health.  That attitude has been severely tested over the years.  At one point, I decided that I had to surrender to living with fibromyalgia for the rest of my life.  I thought I had tried everything.   Shortly after that, a friend suggested trying something and hadn’t heard about before.  It helped for a while, and more importantly, it opened a door for me.   I realized that new tools for healing were coming out every day and there was much that I did not know about.  I made a commitment to myself to always keep improving my health.  I am glad that I did as my health is greatly improved because of that.

By setting an intention to improve our health, we are telling God / Source / the Universe what we want to manifest.  We become co-creators with God / Source / The Universe, by setting the intention.  It can be amazing what shows up in one’s life after setting such an intention.


Asking the right questions

Along with setting an intention, is asking the right question.  How often do you ask the question, “Why do I feel so bad?” or “What’s wrong with me?” or “Why can’t I be healthy?”

What if instead you ask these questions, “How can I improve my health?”  or “Why is my health improving?” or “What’s new to learn about how to rebuild your health?”

If you only ask the questions about why you are not health, your will receive answers to those question, confirming that you are indeed unhealthy.  If you ask the question about how or why our health is improving, you will receive those answers.


“Ask and it shall be given”


Be conscious about what you ask, for that determines the answer you will be given.


Home Practice:

  1. Become conscious about your intentions. Are you thinking you will have fibromyalgia all your life and there is no way out of that?  Or are you willing to declare that it is your intention to rebuild your health?
  2. What questions do you ask? What kind of answers do you receive?
  3. Experiment with changing the questions and see what happens.


May your health and happiness grow,


Fibromyalgia, Trauma, and the Five Elements

Fibromyalgia, Trauma, and the Five Elements

The 5-element theory from the ancient Chinese system of healing can add a further understanding of how trauma creates health problems in the physical body.


A simple understanding of the 5 Element Theory

The Five Element Theory is the foundation of the ancient Chinese system of healing.  It includes awareness of the meridian system, 5 elements of life, emotions and the relationships between the organ systems and symptoms.

The five elements are Wind, Fire, Water, Metal and Earth.  Each of the elements relate to a pair of meridians, emotions, and organs.  All symptoms in the body will relate to one of these elements.


Here is an image showing the relationships between the elements, organs and emotions:

According to the Five Element Theory, the health of the organism / body is dependent upon the flow of the energy through the body via the meridians.  If a meridian is blocked or weak, the functionality of that organ or the related organs and give rise to symptoms in the body.


How this relates to trauma

A trauma can be defined as an experience that is overwhelming to the individual that cannot be fully felt, integrated, and released.  In other words, a part of the individual gets frozen in time and the flow of energy gets blocked.  As emotions are energy-in-motion, this translates into emotions being held within the body.

When you feel an emotion, you are simply feeling the flow of energy through your body.  If the emotions are blocked or repressed, the flow of the energy gets compromised and the related organ system become compromised leading to symptoms. The symptoms are the body’s way of signaling to you, that there is a problem that needs to be resolved.  Once the emotion is felt, the trauma is resolved, the energy moves, the flow of energy is restored, and symptoms can resolve.

A trauma does not have to be a huge event.  It can be a small incident.  Yet if many small incidents collect over time, the body can reach its toleration point and then one final event can break the camel’s back . . . so to speak.

 Ongoing stresses in your life can have the same impact as a trauma. Such as ongoing financial stress, work related stress, family stress, or relationship issues. When you are stressed about a situation,  you can contract physically, emotionally or energetically, which also leads to reduced flow of energy.  


Complimentary with other approaches

Our modern system of medicine looks at a symptom as something that needs to be gotten rid of.  It does not generally appreciate the symptom as a signal from the body that something needs to be resolved.  Medications are given that relieve symptoms, yet the underlying imbalance is often not resolved.

This can be very helpful for intense symptoms, yet, unless the underlying imbalance is resolved, the imbalance may lead to additional symptoms or worse symptoms.  Also, medications normally have side effects which can create additional problems.

Even dietary, exercise, lifestyle changes, herbs and supplements can be complimented by resolving trauma for the greatest results.  


The interrelationship of the organ systems 

Another factor to consider is the interconnected relationship between the organ systems.  For example, unresolved grief, impacting the lungs and large intestine, may lead to anger which impacts the liver and gall bladder.  The symptoms the show up may be related to the liver and gallbladder, but the underlying cause is the grief.

In the Chinese system, all spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical symptoms can be traced to one of the organ systems.  Stay tuned for additional blogs addressing this!


How this applies to Fibromyalgia 

In the case of fibromyalgia, there are often multiple traumas.  Often a build up over time of small traumas that eventually lead to a breakdown.

When we have traumas and suppressed emotions, our mind attempts to create a mental understanding of why we feel the way we do.  This can lead to unconscious beliefs, that block our happiness and health and undermine our authenticity, vitality, and passion.   The most commonly held underlying belief is, “there is something wrong with me” or some variation of that.

From my perspective a well-balanced treatment plan for fibromyalgia, would include a way to resolve the underlying trauma(s).   Resolving the traumas not only lead to a reduction in symptoms, but also a greater sense of inner peace, empowerment, and fulfillment.

I often get referrals from medical doctors and holistic practitioners to assist their patients with resolving the underlying emotional and psychological imbalances.   They deem this to be an important part of a patient’s treatment program.

It is rewarding to see that there is a growing awareness of the importance of healing the heart and emotional wounds in the field of fibromyalgia and other chronic health issues.


Assistance is available

If you would like some one on one help in this area, I offer a free Discovery Session to explore your situation and see if we would be a good fit.  You can request the Discovery Session via this link. All sessions can be done via phone, skype or zoom!

I will also be unveiling group programs sometime this year, so stay tuned!


May you grow in health and happiness.


The Joy of Water

The Joy of Water

The Importance of Water

Drinking adequate water is an important part of rebuilding our health and staying healthy.  Although we look pretty solid, more than half of the human body is actually liquid – a briny fluid, much like sea water.  This fluid keeps us in good working order, cushioning and hydrating our cells, tissues and organs, transporting nutrients and eliminating waste from the body.  Water hydrates our body and is essential for many of the functions of the body including digestion, immune function, hormones, communication between cells, mental function, elimination.


Dehydration Impacts our health

When your body fluids are depleted, you are dehydrated.  It is as simple as that.  Yes, we would know if we were severely dehydrated as we would end up in the hospital.  The problem is that most of us suffer from minor dehydration and don’t even know it.  We do not understand how essential water is to well-being. We do not understand what happens to the body if it doesn’t receive its daily water requirements.

Minor levels of dehydration can cause you to feel grumpy and tired and make it hard to concentrate.  It can contribute to constipation, aches and pains, asthma, hypertension, ulcers, allergies, arthritis, fibromyalgia, insomnia, depression, anxiety, cancer and many other diseases and illnesses.  Now, that is something to pay attention to!


Staying hydrated

Minor dehydration can be easily avoided by drinking adequate fluids throughout the day.  Don’t allow thirst to be the only motivation for drinking water.  By the time you are thirsty, dehydration has already set in.  Feeling hungry between meals is another sign of dehydration.

It is important to have a steady influx of water throughout the day.  We get water from beverages that we drink and the food we eat.  A good rule of thumb is to divide your body weight in half and that is the number of ounces of water to drink daily.    Ideally, you want to spread the amount of water you drink over the day.  Drink a full glass or two of water upon waking in the morning and then a full glass 30 minutes before each meal or snack.  Add another full glass of water between each meal and you have a good supply of fluid going into your system.  Some say it is ideal to drink about 1/2 cup of water every half hour to spread the water intake out evenly throughout the day.  Another water tip is to stop drinking fluids about 2-3 hours before going to bed.   This will allow a full 8 hours of undisturbed sleep.


Be mindful of what dehydrates you 

The body loses about half a gallon of liquid every day through sweat, exhaled air and urine.  On a hot day, you lose even more.  Exercise vigorously and you sweat off up to an additional quart per hour. 

It is important to remember that as with everything we put into out body, there are good fluids and bad fluids.  Some beverages dehydrate you and some hydrate you.   Fluids to avoid include coffee, sodas, alcohol, sweetened fruit juices, city tap water and many sports drinks.  These fluids can contain empty calories, toxic substances and can lead to further dehydration.


The best water to drink 

The best fluid intake is pure water.  You can get spring water or filtered water.  There are many varieties of bottled water on the market, but the best value for your money is simply pure spring water.  Another option is to purchase a good water filter for your home.  It is more economical and you have more control over the quality of the water you are drinking.  Purchase a good water bottle and carry it with you so that water is handy throughout the day. 

Water temperature is also important.  Excess cold water can be imbalancing to the body, especially the kidneys.  Room temperature water provides enhanced health benefits. 


Want some creativity and variety? 

Infused water can be fun and provide additional nutrition to your beverages.  Here are some links to discover fun and delicious infused water recipes.  Or get creative and discover your own. 

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10 Refreshing Infused Water Recipes (with Fruit and Herbs!) Wellness Mama


Introspection and tools to increase the amount of water you are drinking.

  1. Reflect on the amount and types of fluids you currently take in each day.
  2. Do you drink enough fluids?
  3. What is the quality of fluids that you drink?
  4. Are you drinking the right kinds of fluids?
  5. What baby steps can you take to increase the amounts of healthy water intake?
  6. What are some fun and creative ways that you can add more healthy fluids into your diet? 


May you enjoy the health benefits of water, 


Fibromyalgia, Trauma and GNM

Fibromyalgia, Trauma and GNM

Introducing German New Medicine (GNM)

Another look at the connection between trauma and fibromyalgia comes from a relatively new study by a German Physician named Ryke Geerd Hamer.  Dr. Hamer was diagnosed with prostate cancer several months after his 17-year-old son was killed in a shooting accident.  Dr Hamer intuitively asked the question, “Is my cancer diagnosis related the shock of my son’s death?”  To find the answer to that question, he spent many years researching, studying and documenting the relationship between trauma and physical illness.  What he discovered was revolutionary and will change the course of health care in the years to come.

Dr Hamer found that the human body is an amazing conscious organism that is guided by divine intelligence.  It is more intelligent and capable than the human mind can even begin to comprehend. It is designed to survive, to adapt to changes and challenges in its environment and, most importantly, to heal itself.


The impact of trauma

Dr Hamer discovered that when a person experiences a trauma or an unexpected negative event, a series of changes begin to occur in the body.  The event could be a major even such as the death of a loved one or as simple as getting stuck in a traffic jam making you late for an important meeting.  

At the moment of the distressing event, we are now considered to be “conflict active” and a lesion appears in the brain in a specific location. Then a biochemical signal is sent to a specific organ or tissue in the body causing changes to occur in the organ or tissue.  These changes involve growing or losing cells to make that specific organ or tissue stronger or weaker. The location of the lesion and the organ or tissues in the body that are affected, depends on how the psyche interprets the event.

Our nervous system becomes sympathetic dominant. This is the part of our nervous system that wakes us up, keeps us alert and functional during the day, and rises to the occasion to respond to a threat. 

The changes occurring in the affected organ or tissue are assisting us so we’re in a better position to manage the unexpected event.  There aren’t many symptoms during this phase, but signs that you are “conflict active” include having clammy hands, nausea, a racing mind, and an inability to sleep.


The Healing Phase

Once the conflict is resolved, your nervous system changes and your body responds by addressing the changes that occurred in the conflict active phase. If you grew cells, you’ll now break them down; if you lost cells, you’ll now replenish them. This phase is called the healing phase.  You now experience (there generally were NO symptoms before this) symptoms in the body as the parasympathetic side of the nervous system becomes dominate.  This is when we are tired, in pain, and need to rest and take care of ourselves so our bodies can heal.  In Dr Hamer’s research, it became clear that the symptoms were simply the body’s way of healing itself, reversing the changes that occurred after the shock and returning to balance or homeostasis.  

If the conflict isn’t resolved, the trauma or negative experience can be re-triggered again and again, keeping us stuck in a never-ending cycle of re-traumatization and ongoing symptoms.


Let’s look how this applies to fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia is the medical term for widespread muscle pain of unknown origin.  From the perspective on German New Medicine, “fibromyalgia” indicates a long-lasting healing of a generalized self-devaluation conflict affecting the whole person.  In my case, working through my lack of self-esteem and self-confidence and trusting in myself and my inner knowing has been a major factor in my process of rebuilding my health.

It seems to be very common for women with fibromyalgia to feel unheard and not believed. They are often misunderstood by others who cannot understand or relate to the difficulties of the fatigue and pain she struggles with every single day.  When you add the insomnia and depression and other symptoms such as IBS, daily life can feel like sheer torture.

There were many years when simply getting up in the morning and struggling to be functional was all I could manage.  And after years and years of pushing through the fatigue and pain, my body completely gave out.  I had to rest.  Rather than continuing to push myself, I had to look inside and resolve the underlying metaphysical causes of my fibromyalgia.  I continue to work on that but doing so has helped me make huge shifts in my physical, mental and emotional health.

Symptoms vary from person to person based on your own unique situation and the intensity of the pain.  However, we gain a new perspective when we learn GNM.   We learn new insights into the underlying trauma or negative life experience that began the symptoms and continues to keep them active.


German New Medicine can support us in rebuilding our health

Once we correlate when the symptoms started with the negative events in a woman’s life, we understand the events that created the conflict shock. We can then begin to resolve our relationship to the events and reminders of that event and support the body in releasing the cycle of ongoing re-traumatization and symptoms.

When we understand our symptoms as the body’s process of healing itself we can release the fear and support the body in the healing phase.

If you would like to learn more about German New Medicine, click here to watch a free mini-course on new German Medicine.   The mini-course consists of 8 short videos about 4-10 minutes in length.   Once you have watched the mini-course, you are invited to contact me for a German New Medicine Consultation.  Simply visit my contact page and request a New German Consultation at a discounted price of $97 or sign up for a complementary Discovery Session

Until next week, Bindu




The Power of Mindfulness

Mindfulness means being aware of what is happening now in this moment.  Paying attention.  Our body, our heart and our soul and our mind is talking to us all the time.  The body sends us messages through the vehicle of sensation.  Our heart sends us messages through the vehicle of feeling.  Our soul sends us messages through the vehicle of “knowing.”  Our mind sends us messages through the vehicle of thought.


Do we listen to our body, heart, and soul?

In our society, we tend to listen to the mind/thoughts over our body/sensation, our heart/feelings and our soul/knowing.  We value the mind over the feelings of the heart and the sensations of the body and the knowing of the soul.  Unfortunately, the mind has a limited perspective and so if we only listen to the mind, we don’t see the whole picture.  It would be like cutting off three of your fingers.  Your hand would be much less useful with only a thumb.  That is how it is when we only listen to the mind and not the body/sensation, heart/feeling and soul/knowing.

The body, heart and soul have important and very useful information for us.  We need to learn how to listen and respond favorably to these messages and balance them with the thoughts in the mind.   The question then becomes, how do we do this?


How do we learn to listen?

Here are some practical ways to exercise the muscle of mindfulness.  Listen to your body when you eat.  How does it feel after eating a certain food?  Listen to your body when you exercise.  How does your body feel after exercise?  Self-inquiry is a tool with which you can deepen your connection with the body, feelings and knowing.  Taking a two-minute breathing break is an important exercise to stop the habit of being only in the mind and reinforce the awareness of the breath and body.


The Importance of Slowing Down

In our busy lives, it is often difficult to slow down enough to pay attention to the messages from within.  We are used to being guided by the mind and by listening to others through news, media, magazines, books internet.  We are overloaded with information from the external world.  In terms of balance, we also need to “hear” what our internal world is saying.  So, once again, how do we do this?

Mindfulness is the practice of slowing down and paying attention to what is happening in the moment as you are moving through life.  It can be as simple as taking deep breaths and feeling your body.  It can be really paying attention while brushing your teeth.  It can be taking a deep breath and feeling an emotion rather than distracting yourself with something or pushing the emotion down.  You can ask yourself, what is happening right now, physically, mentally, emotionally in any moment in any situation.

Mindfulness Exercise

Here is a mindfulness exercise that you can practice sitting or lying down. Perhaps at the end of a busy day.  Or a night before you fall asleep.  

1.  Sit quietly and close your eyes.

2.  Simply feel your body.

3.  Become aware of your breath and notice how you are breathing. Watch the breath move in your body.  Where does the breath move?  Where is it restricted?

4.  Allow the breath to lengthen and deepen. Lengthen the inhalation.  Let the exhalation fall out of the body.

5.  Continue to feel your body and the sensations within the body. Are you energized, fatigued, tense, relaxed?  Are there areas of tension, areas of relaxation?  Allow yourself to move if you feel drawn to do that.

6.  Notice your emotions. Are you happy, sad, joyful, angry, frustrated?  Are you neutral?  Imagine there are many flavors of emotions, just like flavors of ice cream.  What flavor are you today?

7.  Then begin to notice your mind. It is busy or quiet.  Is it slow or speedy?  Notice the nature of your thoughts?  What is the content of your thoughts?

8.  Notice if there are judgments of right or wrong. Let them go. This is just about being aware.

9.  Now, bring your attention to the part of you that is watching the body, the breath, the emotions and the mind. We will call this The Witness.  The witness is the stillness within the body, mind and emotions from where you can watch yourself and the world.  It is always there, we just have forgotten it in the business of our lives.  The breath helps us connect to The Witness.  Spend a few moments with this process.  See if you can anchor yourself in the awareness, the witness.

10.  Now, staying in touch with the witness, open your eyes. Keep your attention focused inside while watching what is happening outside of you.   Look around the room.  Notice whatever you see.  Notice the sensations in your body.  Notice the emotions.  Notice the commentary by the mind.  Notice if you lose touch with the witness.  If so, close your eyes again and anchor you focus inside.

May you be aware, peaceful and free,


Honor Your Uniqueness

Honor Your Uniqueness

Honoring your Uniqueness

You are unique. Your hair color and texture, your eyes, your body, your mind, your emotions, your gifts, the way you express in the world. Your likes and dislikes. They way your body digest and assimilate foods. The way you respond to stress. How you interpret the world. There is no one in the world who is exactly like you. You are a unique creation. There never was and never will be anyone exactly like you.

Just like a garden with various flowers, the flowers are each unique and have their own special place as part of the whole. Like a forest with trees, shrubs, flowers, grasses, insects, birds, animals. The beauty of the forest is a blend of all the unique expressions within the forest.

Like an orchestra with many different instrument and even more unique individuals playing the orchestra. Each is unique and combine with the others contribute to a beautiful concert.

On our planet exist billions of individuals. Each individual is completely unique. Yet, we all share in the truth that we are all human. If we are carbon copies of one template, the world would be very boring.

No person is any better or worse than any other person. Each person, because they are unique expressions of consciousness, has a unique place on this planet. Each person has unique needs. Biological needs, emotional needs, psychological needs spiritual needs.


Each person’s journey to health is unique

There is no one treatment for fibromyalgia that will work for everybody. Every person’s journey to health and well-being is as unique as the individual.

I get asked, how do you treat fibromyalgia pain. I cannot answer that question. In order to answer that question, I would need to identify the imbalances in the individual asking the question. Health and life challenges are cause by a combination of factors that need to be identified and resolved from the inside out. Out side in is trying to change the symptoms without addressing the underlying imbalances.


Underlying factors in health and life challenges

There are common areas that need to be evaluated for balance or imbalance. The physical body, the emotional body, the mind, the energy body and life expression. An imbalance or imbalances in any of these areas contribute to the experience of fibromyalgia. And there are always imbalances in each of these areas. Let us look more deeply at this.

Physical body factors:

  • Poor diet – some of the important pieces to understanding diet include quality and quantity of food and eating the right foods that match your body’s unique needs. Some people need more animal protein, some need more grains. Each body is unique. There is not one diet that works for everyone.
  • Exercise – We need to look at what kind of exercise, how much exercise and what is the right exercise for your body’s unique needs.
  • Toxicity – we live in a toxic world. There are toxins in the environment, cleaning products, food, toiletries and cosmetics. There are also natural toxins from the body’s metabolic processes. We need to look at your body’s ability to release toxins.

Emotional body factors:

  • Trauma- physical, emotional, mental, energetic or spiritual.
  • Negative childhood experiences
  • Enculturation from parents, school, spiritual and religious institution
  • Societal conditioning
  • Inherited traumas and tendencies
  • Suppressing our aliveness and unique gifts.

Mental Body factors:

  • Rigid thinking
  • Conditioned mental positions
  • These are closely linked to the emotional body factors.

Expression/Lifestyle factors:

  • Stress in relationships
  • Overwork – no balance in rest, relaxation and work activities.
  • Stress in family
  • Financial stress
  • Most of these stresses are caused by the emotional and mental body factors.

For each person with fibromyalgia or any other chronic illness there is a unique blend of these underlying “causes”. I is what I call the fibromyalgia matrix. Everyone’s matrix is different. That is why there is no one cure for fibromyalgia or any other chronic illness. Rebuilding your heath is a progressive process of identifying and resolving the underlying causes.


You are a unique expression of the Divine

You are a unique and beloved expression of the Divine. You have forgotten that. Your body is a temple of the Divine and deserves to be treated with reverence, given the right foods. You heart is a beautiful expression of the Divine and deserves absolute love and respect. Each emotion that you feel is valid and deserved to be respected and honored. Each soul centered desire is important and needs to be embraced.

We do not give our body, heart, emotions and soul centered desires the love and respect that they deserve. We look outside of our self for love, yet that love lives within us. We are the love we seek. We are the ones who can give ourselves the unconditional love that we deserve. We are the ones who can chose to take excellent care of the body with right foods and exercise. We are the ones to make lifestyle choices that support or health and well-being. We are the ones who can look at and unravel the hidden emotional wounds, trauma and negative condition that keep our spirit captive and unexpressed.


You have the power to rebuild your health

We have the power to rebuild our health, reclaim our life, rediscover our joy and align with our purpose.

This is the journey to physical health but also to peace in the heart, clarity of mind, and abundance of energy and connection to a higher power, God, Consciousness.

What blocks our journey are the same imbalances we strive to resolve. In a sense parts of our self are working against our efforts to health our self. Our traumas and wounds are carefully guarded by repressing our emotions and the adopted mental positions needed to survive at the time the wounds were created. Yet, these same protective parts keep us in a cage of unending misery and unfulfillment once their usefulness has expired.

Another thing that blocks our journey is not knowing how to proceed in the direction of healing. A great deal of health information is based on an outside-in fix. Resolving the imbalances is an inside-out job; doing the inner work to resolve the external manifestations. The outside-in fixes may give temporary relief of symptoms but will not give lasting resolution and a deeper sense of peace and well-being. They can be used along with the inside-out work to relieve symptoms until they are no longer needed.


Getting support

What I offer is a process of exploring and resolving the imbalances on all levels. Please stay tuned, listen, read and use what resonates for you. Watch for upcoming group programs so we can support each other in our transformation.


Awareness Practice

  • Review the list above and become aware of what areas of your life include imbalances.
  • Take some time to list the imbalances that you are aware of.
  • Breathe. Know that awareness is the first step to healing
  • Relax. Know that this is a journey, not an event.
  • Intention. Create the intention to improve your health and well-being on all levels.
  • Allow the process to unfold. Form follows intention.


May you be whole and discover dynamic physical health, along with peace and fulfillment.