Each day of living with fibromyalgia builds my courage.

Each moment I embrace myself with love builds my courage.  

I am blessed. 

“Every situation is an opportunity for growth and development.

Everything that happens supports my learning process

and brings me back to my Real Self.  

The challenges I face are always in line with my ability to meet them.

Challenge strengthens my faith in myself and God.”

                                                                                       Nogah Lord

Release Self Doubt – Discover Your Awesome Self

Release Self Doubt – Discover Your Awesome Self

This weekend, I was listening to a talk by one of my favorite teachers.  He really hit the nail on the head when he talked about how we block ourselves, simply because of self doubt.

This hit me right in the heart.  I saw the truth of what he was saying.  I saw how I hold back and do not express what I know in my heart simply because I doubt myself.

As I coach people, I can see that the primary cause of the challenges in their life is self doubt or self devaluation.  Each of my clients are very awesome people.   I can see their beauty and power.    They see their self doubt and their negative beliefs and their heart wounds.  

My job in coaching is to see their beauty, hold the space for them to see that also and support them releasing negative beliefs, healing heart wounds and seeing and expressing their own truth.  

There is nothing more satisfying in watching a person come out of their shell and standing in their truth.  

Food for thought:

  • What is your truth that you hold back?
  • What is the beauty wanting to be expressed in the world through you?
  • Who are you deep within, that you are afraid to let the world see?  

May you connect with your own self love, ❤Bindu

Show Me How to Love

Show Me How to Love

When we live with fibromyalgia, we live with pain every day.

We want the pain to go away.

What if our pain was our friend and not the enemy?

What if our pain is simply showing us where we need to heal and to open our hearts more fully to love?

What if opening ourselves to love is what we truly need to heal our body?

Would you create a different relationship with  your pain?

Would you ask your pain to guide you and teach you how to open to love? 

How is this landing with you?  

If you feel offended by this, I totally get it.  Years ago, I would have been offended too.  Over the years, I have learned that it takes working on all aspects of our being . . . physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and the way we live our lives.  

It is very important to take care of the physical body.  Make healthy choices in the food we are eating, exercise, and getting enough rest.  We need to work with our mindset and shifting negative thinking into life affirmative thinking.  We need to make friends with our emotions, release stored up suppressed emotions, and learn how to express positive emotions.  We need to find pleasure in how we live our lives, even with the pain and difficulty of chronic illness.  

But, underlying all of this is one component . . . self love.  

It takes self love to make all the changes we need to make in our lives to rebuild our health.  We need to love the parts of ourselves that we have banished as not good enough, both the positive and negative.  We need to replace self blame and self judgment with self love and acceptance.  

This is the underpinning factor in rebuilding your health, reclaiming your life, rediscovering your joy and aligning with your purpose.  

This week, contemplate this and share your insights with me.

May you open more fully to love, ❤ Bindu


Don’t Take it Personally

Don’t Take it Personally

How often do you take what others say personally?  

In his book, The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz says, Don’t Take Anything Personally.  Several years ago, I adopted this as a mantra.   It was a powerful experience.  As I lived with this statement as a possibility, I became aware of several patterns:

  • I didn’t have a very high opinion of myself.  I expected criticism, so I would hear criticism where there wasn’t any.  It was simply my projection because I expected it.
  • I realized that the people who criticized me, that they were people who criticized everything.  I just happened to be in their line of fire.   But they also criticized themselves.  
  • I criticized myself . . . a lot.  With this increase awareness of my own self criticism, I was able to begin to change the pattern.  To begin to talk kindly to myself.  
  • I was very critical, not only of my self, but of others.  With this awareness, I could begin to think and speak more kindly to others.  

Results of Practice

With this practice over the years, I began to change.  I became more compassionate, understanding, kind and forgiving of myself and others.  


May you embrace yourself with compassion, 💗Bindu