The Most Important Nutrient for Good Health

The Most Important Nutrient for Good Health

Breath is Life

The most important nutrient that we take in every minute of every day is air.  Breath is life.  You life begins with the first breath in and ends with your last breath out.  Without breath/air, you would cease to be alive in 3-4 minutes.  You can live for up to 3-4 months without food and up to a week without water, but you cannot even live 5 minutes without air.  

Breathing and Life Energy

In all ancient traditions, the breath and management of the breath was highly valued.  Ancient yogis knew the power of breath.  They created an entire science of breath called pranayama.  Prana means life force; Yama means control.  Their philosophy held that control of vital breath is the key to good physical health and calm, clear thinking. 

Modern research also shows that by slowing down and deepening our breath shifts us from the stress response to the relaxation response.  Slowing the breath down slows the heart, normalizes blood pressure, increases blood flow to the digestive system, deepens sleep, increases energy, focus, concentration, and memory

Breath as a Tool for Self Awareness

Practicing being aware of the breath for a few minutes each day is a wonderful tool for self awareness.   Simply by closing your eyes and watching your breath for a few minutes will begin to bring your awareness to your inner experience.  That creates balance in the body, mind and emotions. 

Breathing Techniques

Breathing techniques have been developed for attaining peak performance, managing stress and improving overall health.  They are easy to master and have profound effects.  In just minutes a day, you can feel increased vitality, strength and peace.

Conscious movement of breath can be applied to achieve a state of relaxed vitality so that optimum health is reached and maintained.  The breath is one of the few body systems that is both voluntary and involuntary.   We can use the training of breath as a tool to achieve heightened energy and awareness and to resolve specific problems such as lowering blood pressure, stop smoking, and lower stress.

The Natural Breath

Have you ever watched a sleeping baby?  Its little tummy moves outward easily and fully as it breaths in air.  This is how we all breathed as a child, fully and deeply.  A full deep breath will bring in as much as 2 quarts of air with each breath, which includes energy, oxygen and other nutrients for the body. 

For a minute place your hands on your belly and inhale slowly, and deeply letting your abdomen expand like a balloon.  Let the abdomen fall as you exhale slowly; you are releasing old stale air.  Inhale easily; feel your abdomen expand again.  Press the air out as you contract, as you pull your abdomen in while exhaling.   How do you feel?

Awareness Practice

This week, take 5 minutes each day to practice the Natural Breath.  Somply place your hands on your abdomen and expand the belly like a balloon and then release the breath.  How do you feel after breathing into the abdomen? What do you notice? Is it difficult or hard to breath deeply? Do any emotions come up? Are you wondering if you are doing it right? Does your mind get quiet or not? Take some time to reflect on or journal about your experience.  

Share your experience or questions if you would like.  I am here to support you.  

May you enjoy the benefits of full breathing. 


Self Healing and Self Responsibility

Self Healing and Self Responsibility

To heal our bodies, we must reclaim our power. 

We are living in a time where many of us have given our power to others.  We let our doctors, clergy, parents, society, conditioning, and authority figures tell us what we should do.  We are coming into a time where we want and need to take back our power and begin to take responsibility for ourselves and our health.

Over the last 30 -50 years, there have been great advances in modern medicine.  Many of which have saved many lives.  The problem, though, is that we are looking to allopathic medicine, namely drugs and surgery, to heal health issues that are caused by lifestyle.  This is not the true role of medicine.  Medicine cannot heal or fix health problems caused by poor dietary and lifestyle habits and emotional and environmental stress.  It can alleviate symptoms temporarily, but unless the underlying cause is addressed, the problem will resurface with even more dramatic symptoms, eventually resulting in disability or death.

Taking greater responsibility for your health

There is a growing trend of taking greater responsibility for our own health rather than to look to our doctors.  As we take greater responsibility for our health, we become a partner with our doctor or health care provider.  We become a team. 

Self healing and self responsibility require us to take an honest look at ourselves, our lives and our lifestyles and discover what we can do to change the trend of our health to a more positive direction.  It also means taking action on what we discover.  Self healing and self responsibility does not mean that we are alone.  We can seek out assistance from experienced wellness professionals that add their perspective and insight to our health and life challenges. 

Enlist the help of an experienced wellness practitioner

A good wellness practitioner will assist you in taking responsibility for your health and guiding you in the process of self healing.  She will also give you the support needed to make the changes needed in the process of self healing.  I am available to mentor, guide and support you in the process.  If you have any questions, ask.  I will be pleased to hear from you.

Complimentary Discovery Session

Let’s have a talk  and explore your challenges, your concerns, your goals and your dreams and desires.  Together we will create your personalized journey to living the life of your dreams.

Easy Ways to Eat More Fruits and Veggies

Easy Ways to Eat More Fruits and Veggies

Easy Ways to Eat More Fruits and Veggies Every Day   

Yes, it seems everywhere you turn health and wellness experts are telling you to eat more fruits and vegetables. 

You totally get it.

 Yes, they’re full, and I mean FULL, of nutrition (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, etc.).

 Yes, people who eat more fruits and vegetables live longer, healthier lives. Not to mention protecting their bodies and minds from just about every chronic disease out there.

 Yes, eating more vegetables can help you maintain a healthy body weight, and even lose some fat (as long as you don’t bread and fry them, or cover them with cream sauce).

 Your question is not “Should I eat more fruits and vegetables,” but “How can I actually do it?”

 Believe me, as a health coach I’m chock full of amazing, creative and delicious ways to help you eat more fruits and veggies.

And before we dive in, always start from where you are. If you’re not used to any fruits or veggies, try for just two per day. Build up from there. Don’t get overwhelmed thinking you need to overhaul your entire diet I one day. Wherever you’re at now, I challenge you to increase it by two per day.

Now, let’s dive into my helpful ideas on exactly HOW to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet!

Sneak them into other dishes

OK, this one may be, shall we say, “sneaky,” but I’m all about your health, so hear me out.

Some dishes are super-easy to enhance with a bit of strategically placed produce. What do you think of these ideas?

  • Add ½ apple, a small handful of spinach, or extra berries into your smoothie.
  • Dice or shred up an extra bit of carrot, broccoli, zucchini or pepper into your soup.
  • Love sandwiches? Why not add an extra slice of tomato, lettuce or cucumber to it?
  • How about chicken, tuna, or salmon salad? Dice up a stalk of celery and throw it in.
  • Love to bake? How about substituting ¼ cup of the sugar for ¼ cup of unsweetened applesauce?
  • Used to having a small salad? Why not try a larger one?
  • Making tomato sauce? Add in some extra mushrooms or peppers.

 Make them taste more delicious with a meal

  • Steam some frozen corn and add a touch of olive oil and your favorite herb or spice.
  • Use veggies as your sandwich “bread” by making a lettuce wrap.
  • Don’t be afraid to spice them up! Try sauteing them for 10 minutes with a drizzle of oil and flavor them with pepper, garlic, ginger or cumin.

Opting them for snacks.

  • Why not throw a banana, apple or a couple of clementines into your lunch bag?
  • Ditch the chips and dip – Instead try some carrot, celery, broccoli, cucumber or cauliflower with a dip like hummus, guacamole, or even your favorite salad dressing?
  • Love sweetened yogurt? Buy plain, and immerse it with fresh or frozen berries.
  • Buy a bag of sugar snap peas or snow peas for a snack. 

Your challenge

Take two of these suggestions and try them tomorrow. Just add two more fruits and veggies to the number you’re at today. Two more.

And if you’re not an instant fan, well, try again. Research shows that sometimes it takes our taste buds several tries before actually beginning to like a new flavor. Try it; you might just find some new faves. 

You can do it.

Let me know your favorite ideas in the comments below.

Diet and Fibromyalgia

Diet and Fibromyalgia

The food we put in our body is the building blocks for our physiology.

When we put in healthy nutrient rich foods that our bodies know how to utilize we are creating a strong physiology.  The human body is a miracle in motion.  There are literally hundreds of thousands of processes going on in the human body at any one time.  When we fuel our body with healthy foods, these processes are efficient and the body has the resources to ongoingly heal, rejuvenate and balance itself.  This results in physical health and endurance.  The body is also the foundation for the emotions and the mind.  When the body is healthy and functioning optimally, the mind will be clearer and focused and the emotions will be stable and more positive. 

Eating foods that are not healthy for the body is a factor in fibromyalgia

 When foods are highly processed and refined, many of the essential nutrients the body needs are removed.  Furthermore, the many additives and chemical preservatives that are added to the food are not in harmony with the physiology of the body.  The thousands of processes going on in the body cease to function properly.  The body loses its ability to heal itself and malfunctions causing illness.  By eating a healthy diet we can allow our bodies to regain health.

There are many factors to healthy eating. 

Some of these have to do with the actual foods themselves.  But it also includes other factors such as cooking styles, how you eat, and the balance of foods and nutrients in your diet. 

All bodies are different and unique. 

As such, there is not one diet that will work for everyone.  There are many factors to consider such as how your body metabolizes food, your blood type, your body type (lean or sturdy), your ancestry, your dietary history, your age, sex and activity level. 

Addressing all aspects of healthy eating giving you the foundation of a strong healthy body.

Below is a summary of some of the important aspects to health eating. 

Basic Steps to Healthy Eating:

  1. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables
  2. Upgrade your carbohydrates . . . eat more whole grains.
  3. Choose Healthy Proteins
  4. Stay Hydrated.
  5. Say yes to good fats and no to unhealthy fats.
  6. Eat a healthy balance of protein, carbohydrate and fat.
  7. Eat mindfully
  8. Vary cooking styles.
  9. What you include is more important as what you exclude.
  10. Eat nutrient dense foods.
  11. Eat a moderate amount of natural salt.
  12. Deconstruct food cravings and understand how to get your real needs met in a healthy way.
  13. Understand how to eat for your unique body type.
  14. Eat with love and respect for your body.


Please share your comment and questions below.


Please Hear My Pain Pt 3

Please Hear My Pain Pt 3

What is your pain trying to tell you? 

Last week we explored the art of listening to our bodies.  Is there a message our physical, emotional or mental body is trying to send us?

In my experience of rebuilding my health, I have had to address many issues outside of the physical realm.  I had been raised to not trust myself or anyone else, to suppress my emotions, to not speak my voice, to do what others told me to do, to be a perfectionist . . . and the list could go on and on.  All of this was impacting my health.  It was suppressing my authenticity and my power.  Part of rebuilding my health was to reclaim my power, my voice, my intuition and my pwn trust.

If you have fibromyalgia, you are already listening to your body.  You know that there are things that you cannot do, or the body erupts with pain.  By learning the language of the body, you can hear the messages before the body needs to yell at you.   Here are some examples of things than can be underlying physical pain and dysfunction.  Do any of them resonate with you?

I just need to be felt, to be heard

Sometimes our pain just needs to be felt, to be heard by you.  Can you just sit with your pain and give yourself loving attention?  Can you simply be present with your pain?  There is a voice inside of each of us that need to be heard.  So many time, we think we need someone outside of us to hear us.  But maybe, we are the only one who can give ourselves what we need.  Our own loving attention.

Is there unheard emotional pain?

Under the physical pain there is often emotional pain. Are you willing to feel your emotions?  We are trained in our society that emotions are bad and not to be felt.  Because of this we suppress our emotions and they become lodged in our body and interfere with the functioning of the body.

Are you ignoring your own inner knowing?

We are not hearing our own inner voice and wisdom. Can you hear and trust your own inner knowing?  Has your own inner wisdom been drowned out by the conditioning of parents, schools, religion and society?  What do you want underneath under all of the shoulds and have to’s?

Do you need to make a change in your life?

Is your body trying to tell you about a change you need to make in your life? Are you allowing yourself to be mistreated in some way?  Is there something you want to do but have reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t do that?

Are you not taking care of your body?

Are you abusing your body? Not listening, over working, eating the wrong diet, pushing yourself to achieve external goals?   How long have you been ignoring your body and not giving it the care and loving attention that it needs?  Sometimes we have become so sleep deprived that it can take months or years of needed sleep and rest to catch up.

Does your diet need to change?

Is there something in your diet that your body doesn’t want or like? Are there foods that your body needs?   So many of us eat unhealthy foods and yet expect our bodies to function.  Imaging pouring water or oil in you gas tank.  How long do you think your car would function?   We need to eat the foods that provide our body with the right kinds of energy and nutrients to allow the body to function properly and to rebuild and heal.

Are you using your creative gifts?

Are you or were you working in a job that is sucking the life out of you? Perhaps your body and spirit finally rebelled and said, this isn’t working.  I need to be expressing my gifts in the world.  I’m out of here . . . . literally.

Do you have unresolved situations from your past?

What painful situation from your past have you pushed under the carpet and have not dealt with?  Did you suffer a trauma, physically, emotionally, spiritually?  Were you raised in a household by abusive parents?  Did something happen that frightened you?  Our body retains cellular memories of these kinds of events.  Until the cellular memory is neutralized, the negative energy will disrupt your health and your life.

Are your beliefs holding you back?

What beliefs are you holding onto that no longer serve your highest good?  Many of us adopted beliefs as a child from our conditioning or from the need to survive a difficult situation.  We needed them at the time to fit it or to feel safe and loved.  Are those beliefs still operating in your life?  Are they still needed, or can they be updated to reflect who you are today . . . and who you are growing into?

What are you not saying?

Is there something that you need to say to someone that you are afraid to say? Perhaps you feel like you will hurt their feelings.  Maybe you don’t trust your instincts enough to speak up for yourself.  What do you withhold that needs to be said?  Maybe you speak and others don’t hear you.  How can you communicate in a way that gets heard and gets your needs met?

Do you have physical toxicity, metabolic chaos or biochemical imbalances?

Pain in the body, can also be a result of metabolic chaos, bio-chemical imbalances or toxicity. This can be investigated by a practitioner trained in functional medicine or bionetics.  Not all pain is based in metaphysical elements.  In addition to exploring our psyche, we need to address underlying physical toxicity, imbalances and malfunctions.

Listening to your inner voice

As you practice listening to your inner voice, notice if any of these resonate with you . . . or not.  Are there other things that come to mind that your inner voice would like to have heard?

Acknowledging these things doesn’t mean you need to make radical changes in your life.  By acknowledging them and continuing with the inner listening process, you will receive guidance as how to proceed.  Sometimes things will shift and resolve, simply by acknowledging what is true.

One of the main factors in rebuilding my health was to listen to my inner voice.  I was thinking today about the many gifts I have received from having fibromyalgia.  I wish I could have gotten these messages without the pain and suffering, but if this is what it took to get past my hardheadedness and ridged approach to life, so be it.

Our psyche holds many wonderful things and many difficult and painful things.  To embrace both polarities is to embrace the fullness of life and brings a rewarding and fulfilling life.

May you enjoy the experience of getting to know yourself at a deeper level.



If you can relate to any of this,

1) check out my free mini-course on how to identify and resolve inner stressors.

2) sign up for a complimentary Discovery Session.   Talk one on one with Bindu about your health challenges and goals.  Explore natural solutions to rebuilding your health.