Healthy Body, Joyful Life

The Ultimate Comprehensive Wellness Program for Women with Fibromyalgia

Rebuild Your Health, Reclaim Your Life, Rediscover Your Joy and Align with Your Purpose

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  ♥   Rebuild your health

  ♥   Reclaim your life

  ♥   Rediscover your joy

  ♥   Align with your purpose.

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  ♥   A knowledgeable guide and coach

  ♥   A partner to help you discover your unique path to wellness

  ♥   Someone to support you throughout your healing process

  ♥   Compassion, respect, feeling heard and seen

Bindu’s one-on-one comprehensive coaching program is designed for women with fibromyalgia who want

clear guidance in creating a complete individualized wellness program and personalized support from beginning to end.

I understand the challenges of living with fibromyalgia first hand.

In my personal journey toward wellness, I discovered that I needed to engage myself on multiple levels.  Our body, mind, spirit and energy bodies interact with and impact  each other.  A block in the mind, emotions or energy body can block improvement on the physical level.  By working on all levels, we are able to keep making progress toward improvement in our physical health and a growing sense of inner peace.

My comprehensive program, Healthy Body, Joyful Life embodies this intention.  I bring you years of exploration and a strong commitment.  I didn’t give up on myself and I won’t give up on you.

The Ultimate Comprehensive Program:  Healthy Body, Joyful Life

Foundational Components for Rebuilding Your Health,

Reclaiming Your Life, Rediscovering Your Joy and Aligning with Your Purpose

Essential Care of the Body

  • The importance of self-care
  • The importance of bio-Individuality
  • Discover the right diet for your bio-individuality
  • Learn how to keep your body hydrated
  • Enjoy healthy movement for your bio-individuality
  • Use breathing practices to enhance wellness
  • Recharge through sleep, rest, relaxation, and play

Care of the Mind, Emotions, Spirit

  • All healing begins with Self-Love
  • Identify, manage and deconstruct stress
  • Embrace the power of your emotions
  • Open and heal the heart
  • Harness the power of your mind
  • Discover the core values that guide you
  • Connect with the Divine

Identifying and Addressing Causative Factors

  • Support the foundational body systems
  • Discover and deconstruct hidden stressors
  • Experience the art of healthy detoxification
  • Repair cellular damage caused by toxicity
  • Return body systems to balance and optimal function
  • Resolve inherited genetic susceptabilities

Reclaim your Life – Enhancing your Expression

  • Know yourself
  • Create your vision and personal mission statement
  • Effectively manage your life
  • Learn the art of conscious creation
  • Create healthy supportive relationships
  • Communicate effectively from the heart
  • Express your life purpose

“Each person is unique and their journey to wellness is unique as well.

Healing is like putting together a puzzle -finding the right pieces and putting them together in the right sequence.

As the pieces of the puzzle are found and put together in the right order, health comes together and peace is restored.”

All Individual Services are included in the Comprehensive Program

For more details, go to the Individual Services page.

Healthy Body, Joyful Life Includes:

  • 90 minute one on one sessions with Bindu
  • 24 total sessions
  • Personalized to your unique needs
  • Email support between sessions


  • Advanced Metabolic Typing Assessment
  • Informative books and handouts
  • Gifts and surprises
  • Educational Videos

Receive a comprehensive energetic scan of the body/energy field using state of the art bio-feedback equipment and energetic and herbal support to reclaim balance.

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Inner transformation focuses inner goals such as self-love, self-confidence and empowerment as a support for reaching external goals such as a healthy body, healthier relationships, career success or financial abundance.

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Receive professional guidance to create achievable goals and make sustainable lifestyle changes that result in improved health for a lifetime.

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Discover the right diet for your unique bio-individuality, creating a strong foundation for rebuilding your health.

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Coming Soon:  Align with Your Purpose

YES!  I want to rebuild my health, reclaim my life, rediscover my joy and align with my purpose.  What do I do next???

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Enjoy a one on one conversation with Bindu to clarify your challenges, goals and create a personalize journey to living the life of your dreams.
“Bindu brings together an array of skills and experience that few can match. Her extensive background in life as a yoga teacher, expert in nutrition, coaching and various healing modalities makes her one of the finest practitioners I’ve ever worked with. Add to that her compassion, patience and excellent intuition and you have the ideal counselor/coach with many tools in her tool box. I can honestly say that if you are ready to heal and make changes in your life, and want a firm, focused and powerfully kind coach – look no further. Together you and Bindu will create an awesome healing journey!”

Kate Solisti, Master Interspecies Communicator
Author of Conversations with Dog, Cat and Horse, The Holistic Animal Handbook and Kinship with Animals.

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Beyond Fibromyalgia programs are educational in nature and is not a replacement for medical advice. 

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