Fibromyalgia and the Pain Body Pt 1

Fibromyalgia and the Pain Body Pt 1

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Illness and the Pain Body, Part 1

The term the Pain Body was introduced by Eckhardt Tolle several years ago.  The pain body is the accumulation of suppressed emotions, negative thoughts, unhealthy beliefs and destructive cellular memories within one’s body or energy field.  It is what I call the Fibromyalgia Matrix.  The pain body keeps us trapped in the past and interferes with our health and happiness.   It blocks our ability to feel positive emotions and sabotages our attempts at creating a better life for our self.


The pain body is self-perpetuating

The pain body is like an entity in and of itself and strives to stay alive and functional.   It loves conflict and drama.  The conflict, drama and negative emotions triggered feeds it.  The bigger the drama the greater the banquet.    It will attract those situations to itself and then revels in the drama and negative emotions.


The Pain Body is a major factor in fibromyalgia. 

The pain body is behind chronic depression and anxiety.   Suppressed emotions give rise to the feeling of depression. When you suppress a negative emotion such as sadness, you are also suppressing the ability to feel positive emotions and end up feeling depressed.


Suppressed fearful emotions don’t go away.

Suppressed fearful emotions live within us sending a constant message of danger to the nervous system.   It keeps the body in fight or flight mode, always feeling threatened and the need to fight or run away.  The nervous system stays in a sympathetic (on) status and doesn’t know when or how to shut down.  This give rise to insomnia, chronic fatigue and feeling crummy.  When the body doesn’t get the rest it needs, it doesn’t heal, detoxify recharge and rejuvenate the body.  You end up with multiple chronic symptoms with no seeming cause.


The Pain Body becomes our identity.

These patterns become so normal that we don’t differentiate between us and the pain body.  You might say that we become identified with the pain body.  It becomes us.  It becomes our identity.

One commonality between women with fibromyalgia is that many of us feel a strong need for people to hear our pain.  And we often feel defensive when others try to help us.  This is the pain body talking.  It wants to be heard, but it doesn’t trust others.  It also has a commitment to staying alive and well in its misery . . .  even though another part of you wants to be alive, happy and healthy.

Pretty nasty picture.  Yet it is real.  And it keeps us in a state of misery and pain.  Can you relate?  I sure can.  I lived it for many years.  I was a pro at being miserable and in pain.   It is such a relief to be out of this pattern.  You can too.


There is hope.  You can healing the pain body.

My post next week will show the 5 stages of healing the pain body.  Stay tuned.


Healing the Pain Body is an important part of rebuilding our health.

I have been asking myself this last year why I focus to much on the emotional, mental aspects of rebuilding our health.  As I wrote the post, I received my answer.  We can do all the right things on a physical level to rebuild our health, but without addressing the pain body, our health and especially our happiness will be compromised.


Let’s focus this year on healing the pain body!

This year, I am rolling out online group programs that will provide education, training and support in healing the pain body.   One of my goals is to make the healing work that I do available to women and men with fibromyalgia at affordable rates.  The group online programs will do that.


The first program is happening beginning on January 29.

I am really excited about this.  My first program will be launched on January 29th with a free online guided Integrative Movement experience featuring Chair Yoga.    Chair Yoga is the vehicle, Integrative Movement is the process that I have developed from years of practicing and teaching yoga to create awareness, compassion and gently heal the pain body.

The program on Chair Yoga class on January 29 will be followed with a 3 series movement course including, Tai Chi Chi Gong, Joint Freeing Movement and Freedom Dance.    The Integrative Movement approach will be included in all classes.  All movements are safe for women with Fibromyalgia and will allow you to gently move your body.  Benefits include:

  • gentle exercise
  • strengthening and toning muscles
  • increasing flexibility
  • reducing pain and tension
  • Improve sleep
  • developing awareness
  • healing the pain body


To join the free online chair yoga class on January 29, click on the link below.


May you be free, may you be peaceful, may you know your true self. 

Love, Bindu


Register Now

Free Online Chair Yoga Class 

Featuring Integrative Movement

Integrative Movement – a Free Online Chair Yoga Workshop

Integrative Movement – a Free Online Chair Yoga Workshop

Integrative Movement

Free Online Chair Yoga Experience

 Using Movement, Awareness and Breath

to Reconnect with, Nourish, Recharge and Regenerate Your Body.

“The body is designed to heal itself given what it needs.”


This may seem like a meaningless statement, but this one statement holds the power and secret to being able to rebuild your health.

We have long been conditioned to give our power away.  We look outside of our self for solutions to our problems.  Yet, we have resources within that contain much power and ability that is hardly ever recognized or used.

In this workshop, we will explore untapped resources within and discover how to use them in rebuilding our health.


We are energy; our bodies are energy 

Einstein proved that with the simple equation M=mc2.

A simple explanation of Einstein’s equation, E = mc squared, is that small amounts of mass are equivalent to huge amounts of energy. Einstein’s equation was revolutionary because it showed that matter and energy were different sides of the same thing.

More simply stated.  Our body is a solid but also a huge body of energy.


How do we access and use that energy to rebuild our health?

Ancient yogis were able to access and use their energy to regenerate their bodies.  We can do the same.  It is rather simple.   The primary thing that gets in the way is our mind and our beliefs.  We have been taught that we are small and powerless.  We need someone else to solve our problems for us.  That is not true.


The true spirit of yoga

Too often today, many who teach yoga are missing the true power of yoga.  Yoga has been reduced to the physical posture but is missing its true power.

The true practice of yoga is about harnessing our energy and uniting our body, mind, heart and spirit to nourish, recharge and rebuild the body.

The breath brings energy (prana, chi, the force) into the body.  When you focus your attention on your body while breathing deeply, you are flooding the area you focus on with energy, healing energy.  When you practice yoga with this focus, in addition to toning the muscles, you can heal on a deeper level the emotional body, the mental body and connect with your spiritual essence.

In this workshop you will be guided through an experience of simple movements while breathing and aligning the breath with the movement.  You will be taught how to discover the integrative edge; how far to move the body into a stretch to get the maximum benefit.  You will discover how when holding the movement/posture at the integrative edge, while breathing and focusing on the tension held in the body, that the tension will release and the energy in the body will be allowed to move one again.


The energy flow in the body is a piece of the puzzle in rebuilding your health

The flow of energy in your body, feeds and nourishes your body.  Freeing the flow of energy in the body is a primary piece in rebuilding your health.  Rebuilding your health is like putting a puzzle together.  Each piece or work whether it be diet, exercise, supplements, lifestyle changes, inner work, etc adds a piece to the puzzle.


My Experience with Yoga

I feel very blessed that yoga was part of my life.  Even living with extreme pain, practicing yoga kept my body strong, healthy and flexible.  I also developed Presence or Witness Consciousness through the practice of yoga.  This helped me to be more present and less reactive to situations in my life.  It helped me to unravel the mental and emotional pieces of my illness.  It has been my constant companion for 40 years.  I feel blessed.   


Benefits of Integrative Movement – Chair Yoga

  • Can reduce chronic pain
  • Increased relaxation in body and mind
  • Improved relationship with your body
  • Can promote quality of sleep
  • Increased sense of well being
  • Increased flexibility and balance
  • Improve breathing
  • Can reduce stress
  • Can improve mental clarity and focus 

The movements we will be doing are gentle and easy.  You will be guided to always be aware of your body and honor and respect the limitations in your body.  Gently approaching limitation with breath and awareness can reduce tension.  Attempting to push beyond limitations is not helpful.

This workshop is offered for educational purposes only.  You are reminded to take full responsibility for your experience and follow the guidance of your health practitioners.


To experience this for yourself, join me on January 29 for the free online webinar.


Click here for more information. 

I hope to see you there,


I Know Your Pain

I Know Your Pain

A few days ago, someone told me that I didn’t know how to deal with fibromyalgia pain.  You might say that was a pretty big trigger for me.   Brought back all the memories of those who didn’t understand the pain I experienced with fibromyalgia.  Part of working through this was remembering the worst times of my life.  The pain and suffering.  The experience of living with fibromyalgia.  Of dealing with the pain for 30 years.  Of not finding solutions.  I do know how to deal with fibromyalgia.  To live with the pain of fibromyalgia.  Only to well. 

Out of that came this post.  I know that I constantly say that you can improve.  You can rebuild your health.  You can move beyond fibromyalgia.

I suspect there are many who doubt me; wonder if I am just pushing some new magic cure that doesn’t really work.  Of capitalizing on other people’s pain.  Of not knowing what I am talking about.

I am not.  I have lived the experience of fibromyalgia and I have improved tremendously to the point where I am not in constant pain and misery.  To the point where I have a life worth living.  To the point where many days I forget that I have had fibromyalgia.  Yes, it is there.  It is real.  It is possible.  

I know your pain.

I may not know the specifics of your symptoms or of your life circumstances, but I know the pain.

I know the pain of being in constant physical pain. Of being in so much pain that you can’t even think.  It takes all of your resources to be present with the pain.   I know the fear and frustration of not being able to get rid of the pain.  The fear of the pain never ending.  The confusion of why this is happening and why can’t anyone help me.  Why can’t anyone hear me or understand how much pain I am in.

I know the pain of insomnia.  Of deadening fatigue, but not being able to sleep.  Of night after night lying awake and not being able to sleep.  Of waking in the morning feeling like you have been hit by a mac truck . . . maybe two.

I know the pain of being depressed.  Of seeing life through a constant cloud of negativity.  Of feeling like you are moving through molasses.  Of having brain fog so bad that you can’t think clearly.  Of wishing you could die.  Of feeling like everyone else has a normal life . . . why can’t I.  Of wanting to just crawl in a hole and stay there.

I know the pain of chronic itchy burning skin.  Of not being able to wear anything except loose soft comfortable clothing.  Of not being able to wear jewelry because the weight of a simple neckless pains your neck.

I know the pain of chronic anxiety.  Of panic attacks randomly showing up uninvited.  Of being triggered by simple normal things.  Of feeling unsafe.  Of feeling trapped by the pain, depression and anxiety.  Of walking through life terrified moment by moment.

I know the pain of endless mind-numbing fatigue.  Of waking up totally exhausted whether the sleep be deep or uninterrupted.  Of hating the thought of getting out of bed in the morning and facing the day.    Of just wanting to sleep for 6 months . . . a year . . . more.

I know the pain of going to a doctor and hear them say there is nothing physical wrong with you . . . when you know there is.  Of hearing them say it is all in your head.  Of having them give you pills that may or may not relieve the pain and provides a whole new set of symptoms.

I know the pain of loss, unrelenting loss.  Loss of confidence in your self and your body.  Of losing people, loved ones, family, friends that don’t survive your illness.  Of losing jobs, income, security, safety.

I know the pain of insecurity.  Of financial stress.  Of not being able to trust your body.  Of not being able to schedule a lunch date because you don’t know if your body will get you there or not.  Of having to cancel engagements at the last minute because your body flares up.  Of going and then being in pain and not enjoying the event but feeling tortured the whole time you are there.

I also know how it feels when you are told there is no cure.  Of wondering if you can continue to live like this.  How it feels to imagine a lifetime of this pain and unhappiness.  Of trying treatment after treatment and feeling discouraged with the results.  I know.

I know the pain of being criticized, ridiculed and persecuted for having an invisible disease.

I know the pain of missing out on family events.  Of not being able to keep your house clean or torturing yourself to clean the house.  Of being left behind when the rest of the world is speeding forward.

I know.  I have been there.  I lived it for 30 years.  I am better now, but I remember.  I know.


I also know your strength  

The strength of getting up every morning.  Of facing the day.  The pain.  The depression, the anxiety, the loss, the feeling unheard.  Of feeling powerless.  Of feeling unheard, of feeling invisible.  Of feeling frustrated.

I know how hard it is to live the life with fibromyalgia as your constant experience.  I know how much strength it takes of live that way.  I know.  I have been there.  I lived it for 30 years.  I am better now, but I remember.  I know.

I know how to deal with fibromyalgia pain.  How to live with it ungracefully and how to live with it gracefully (as humanly possible).   How to breath, be present with the pain.   How to exercise within my limitations.  How to eat well to minimize symptoms.  How to function on a tank half full.  How to set boundaries to take care of yourself.  How to manage my lifestyle to accommodate a devastating invisible illness.  How to have less than I want or need because of my limitations.

I know.  I did that for 30 years.  I am better now, but I remember.


I also know that rebuilding your health is an option. 

I know that you can move past the experience of fibromyalgia.  To end the anxiety and depression.  To get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.  To feel good in your body.  To enjoy life again.

I know that you can improve.  I know because I have experienced it myself.  Improvement, release from the pain.  Finding a life that offers peace and contentment.  I know.

It isn’t a quick fix.  It takes commitment, a willingness to make changes in your eating and lifestyle.  It means looking within to discover the true source of pain and loving yourself enough to feel and heal your own pain.  It means discovering the unhealthy beliefs that rule your life and keep you in negative cycles.  It takes a willingness to change who you are.  Not from force or willpower, but by allowing life to change you, allowing the illness to transform you into a different person.  The important unchanging aspect of you will still be there, but the masks and fake part of your that you adopted to survive will be shifted, changed and/or released.  Like the lump of coal that turns into a diamond after its transformation.

It isn’t a quick fix.  It is a journey that is very rewarding and fulfilling.  You will discover a you that is healthy, whole and complete.  Who is awesome and powerful.


If you chose this journey of rebuilding your health, I am here to support you. 

I am here to support you, to educate you, to hold your hand if needed.  I am here to remind you when the going gets tough that you are not alone.  That you can and will make it and you will be happy and thrilled with your new self and new life.

I hold the space for your wholeness and improved health.  It is here for you to claim and embody.

My intention is to build a community of women committed to their health and wholeness.  Committed to rebuilding their health and the transformation that entails.  A community based in safety, compassion and love, where we can come together to discover love, acceptance and healing.

Please join me/us as we grow together in love, peace and harmony.


Join me on January 29 for a free workshop entitled Integrative Movement. 

7-8:30 pm via phone or skype

We will use chair yoga, to engage in the experience of Integrative Movement through breath, awareness and gentle movement.  This allows you to create a deeper connection with your body, release pain and tension and create a harmonious relationship with your body.

Integrative Movement uses breath, awareness and movement to bring us into a state of Integrative Presence while deeply connecting with and nurturing our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.  

Integrative Presence is the experience of witnessing the body, mind and emotions from a place of compassion and acceptance which allows effortless healing and transformation of body, emotions and mind and a creates deeper connection to our spirit.

More information in the coming weeks.

Always remember, there is hope.


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Start the New Year with Powerful Intentions

Start the New Year with Powerful Intentions

Start the New Year with Powerful Intentions 

I always love New Year’s Eve and New Years Day.  It is the end of the old and the beginning of a new year.  Also given that my birthday is on Dec 31, it is a new beginning for me as I move into a new year and celebrate the number of years I have been alive.  I take time to reflect on my life and what I have experienced over the last year and set intentions for the coming year.  

This last year has been very powerful for me.  Though I have been rebuilding my own health for many years, in the last two years I have been reaching out to support others wanting to do the same.  I feel a calling to share what I have learned and experienced with others with similar challenges that I have overcome.  I want something good to come out of my years of pain and suffering and to help others rebuild their health in a shorter time frame.  

“Coming out” has been a challenge for me in that it triggered all of my self-doubt.  Yet my inner intention and my commitment to my path has led me forward . . . so here I am.    

As I look back at 2019, I am very grateful that I listened to the inner voice that drew me past my fears and self-doubt.  I feel so grateful to be connecting with those of you on my mailing list and who are following me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram.  My heart feels so full when I see your comments and likes and know that I am contributing to your ever-unfolding wholeness. 


The Power of Intentions 

Today, on the last day of 2019, I would like to share with you the power of Intentions.  Too many times at the end of the year we create resolutions.  We make a commitment to lose weight, exercise more, clean up our diet and more.  But too often these resolutions fall by the wayside and we end up beating ourselves up for “failing” once again.  And maybe we have even given up making resolutions.  In seeing this pattern in myself, I made the switch to creating Intentions instead of Resolutions. 

An intention is like putting your deepest heart felt desires into a balloon and then sending that balloon into the heavens knowing that your prayers will be answered.  Resolutions have the feeling that I have to do it.  I have to make it happen.  


What is the difference between Intentions and Resolutions?  

Resolutions.  In my thinking, a Resolution is a goal created from the mind and enforced by will power.  It is a decision to do something to achieve a specific external result.  Underlying this is the desire to feel a certain way.  The resolutions are often fueled from our dislike of our self or our situation.  And yet the feeling part is often unconscious and/or accompanied with other unconscious desires to maintain status quo.  It is aligned with the do/have/be paradigm.  The paradigm that says, If I do this, then I will have this result and then I will be happy, peaceful, fulfilled, etc.   

Intentions.  Intentions are more aligned with the be/do/have paradigm.  When we create intentions, we connect within and identify what we want to feel, to be.  We create our intention around that.  From committing to our beingness, our true self, the actions of what we need to do flow from within and have the support of our higher self.  We feel inspired to take action because our actions are coming from a place of love and purpose. 


 Examples of Intentions 

Here are two of my Intentions for 2020 and how they work for me to inspire me, rather than to try to “whip” me into shape.  

I am home.  I have come home to my Self.  I am peaceful, harmonious, and present.  I am love, I am powerful, I am confident, I am fully alive.  

When I read this, I feel inspired.  I look forward to being this more consistently in my life.  It reminds me of who I truly am.  I feel inspired to take time to sit quietly with myself, to reconnect with myself, to be with myself.  Or to simply take moments during the day to take a deep breath and reconnect to my inner Self.  

I could have created a resolution saying that I am going to sit and meditate every day.  But that may or may not happen.  But starting with the intention, I will draw to me the actions and resources that will bring me closer to my desired state of being.  


I am enjoying ever increasing dynamic health.  I lovingly care for my body, heart, mind and spirit.  My body, heart, mind and spirit are harmonious with each other and in alignment with my highest good. 

When I read this, I relax.  It reminds me that, yes, I want dynamic health.  Yet, I want to be loving with myself and honor all aspects of myself.  I want my body, my heart (emotional body) my mind, and my soul to work together for my highest good rather than to be at war with each other.  

For those of us living with fibromyalgia or other chronic health challenges, we can create disharmony with our body.  We can sometimes think the body is the enemy.  We forget that our body is suffering too.  Our body wants to be healthy. 


A guide to creating your own Intentions 

Begin with some self-introspection.  Identify where you are in your life, what is working for you and what you would like to change.  As you consider your intentions, work through the following questions:  

  1. Think about where you are in your life. What are your greatest challenges that you would like to move beyond? What are the external changes that you would like to create? 
  2. Why do you want to achieve this new experience? What is your motivation behind this new creation?  What are you feeling that you want to change?  These are often negative emotions. 
  3. What do you want to feel when you have achieved your goal? This is the most important question.  Do you want to feel happy, peaceful, confident, free? 
  4. Take some time to connect to the feeling that you want to experience. Visualize yourself in that feeling.    What might your life look like?   What are you doing?  What do you need to do to move toward that state of being?  

Take the information from these introspection and create I statements.  “I am” is the most powerful statement.  It calls into being whatever follows that statement.  It also calls the experience into the present moment rather than putting it into the future. 

As you work with creating the “I am” statement, listen to your body and heart to see how they feel when you say the statement.  If you feel uplifted and encouraged, it is a good statement.  If your feeling drops, play with the statement until you feel uplifted.  You might want to say, “I am moving toward improve health” rather than “I am healthy” 

Let your heart be your guide.  Your heart knows what is in your highest and best good. 


I wish you much love, peace, joy and improved health in the coming year. 


Honoring the Spirit of Christmas

Honoring the Spirit of Christmas

Tomorrow we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. 

Some would also call this the birth of the Christ Consciousness on the planet.   It is a day of great celebration and remembrance. 


Jesus was the living embodiment of unconditional love.

Jesus exemplified the personification of unconditional love, compassion and connection to God.  He demonstrated to us the unconditional love and compassion that we all crave.   He also reminded us that we have the ability to personify that love and compassion within our own heart and in our interactions with others. 


We have forgotten that we are love.

Many have failed us in holding us with unconditional love and compassion.  As a result of this, we have forgotten that we are lovable and worthy.   We also have forgotten that at our core, we are love.  The celebration of Christmas is a reminder for us to open our hearts to ourselves and others; to remember the legacy of unconditional love that Christ imprinted upon planet earth. 


Let’s impregnate our own heart with unconditional love. 

As you read this message, take a few moments to breathe deeply, place your hand on your own heart and say the words, “I Love You” to yourself.  Repeat this for a few minutes.  Opening your heart to receive this message and the love that it offers.  Breathe deeply and allow yourself to take this in. 

Love any parts of yourself that feel that they aren’t worthy of such love and compassion along with the parts that do.  I am here to remind you that you are worthy of love and compassion . . . even the parts of you that you deem unlovable or unforgivable.  Breathe and take this in.  You are a being of love who has forgotten who you are. 


Let’s share that love and compassion with others

As you fill your heart and being with this love, take a moment to bring to mind those that you love and send them a silent message of unconditional love and compassion.  Silently remind them that they are lovable.  They too are a being of love who has simply forgotten who they are.  Surround them with unconditional love and acceptance. 

Now bring to mind someone who challenges you or pushes your buttons.  Take a few moments to send this person a silent message of unconditional love and acceptance.  Reminding them that they are a being of love who has forgotten who they are.  Send them a wish of peace and forgiveness. 

Allow your awareness to expand to embrace the entire planet, including all beings, humans, animals, birds, insects, plants and more.  Hold the planet, your home, and all its inhabitants with unconditional love and acceptance.  Remind yourself that everyone deserves more love, not less.  Even those that you deem unworthy of love.  Remember that they too are beings of love who have forgotten who they are. 


This is honoring the Spirit of Christmas. 

This is the legacy that Christ birthed on this planet.  The future of planet earth as one people living in peace and harmony with abundance, love and prosperity for all. 


My blessings to you on this beautiful celebration of light and love,



To leave comments, please visit my Facebook page.  I look forward to hearing your comments.  


Making Peace with Your Body through Integrative Movement

Making Peace with Your Body through Integrative Movement

Integrative Movement – Making peace with your body

As a woman who suffered from fibromyalgia most of my life, I know what it feels like to think that my body is the enemy.  I felt like my body had betrayed me and didn’t support me. It, along with all the symptoms, was an enemy to be conquered.  I prayed for a new body.  If I just had a different body, then I could do and have the things that I wanted.


Then I discovered yoga

I was lucky that early in my life I discovered yoga and then lived as a residential member of Kripalu Yoga and Health for several years.  It was during that time that my life changed, it literally saved my life.  The things that I learned through the practice of yoga and creating a deeper relationship with my body has been the foundation upon which i have been able to rebuild my health.


Your body is the best book you will read on your health!

A quote from my teacher highlighted this principle, “Your body is the best book you will ever read on your health.”   By practicing yoga, I built a healthy relationship with my body.  Yoga gave me the gentle exercise I needed, it kept my muscles toned, my organs healthy and detoxified, and helped me to develop the ability to be present.  But more than that, it taught me to listen to my body and understand its messages.


Pain is just a sensation???

One day, when I was feeling intense pain, someone said to me, “Pain is just a sensation, see what happens if you watch it”.  Such a novel idea.  Until that moment, I just thought of pain as something that I hated and wanted to go away.  In my yoga practice, I began to watch the pain/sensation.  I began to discover what happened when I was simply present with the pain/sensation.  Often pain would dissipate when I was present with it.  I created a relationship with my body and with the pain.


Benefits of being present in your body.

The ability to be present in my body and listen to my body, has been my guide in rebuilding my health.  Here is some of what I learned:

  • What types of exercise were right for my body. 
  • What foods were healthy for my body and which weren’t. 
  • How to release tension through awareness and breath. 
  • How to feel and release trapped emotions. 
  • How to uncovered negative beliefs that were sabotaging my health and my life. 
  • My connection with my body helped me to connect to a higher wisdom that has guided me in my life.


The experience of yoga carries into other types of movement.

In later years, when I explored other types of exercise, I realized that because of my yoga practice, I could easily pick up other forms of exercise and movement.  Self-awareness became an asset in any form of movement I practiced and enhanced the benefits.


If yoga isn’t a posture, then what is it?

Yoga really isn’t twisting your body into a pretzel.  The word yoga means union.  It is the union of body, mind and spirit.  It is the practice of being present in your body (and in your life).  The essence of yoga is awareness of each moment and creating a harmonious relationship with your body, heart, mind and spirit.


The birth of Integrative Movement

Out of this awareness, I developed what I call, Integrative Movement.  Integrative movement is what happens when you combine movement, awareness, breath and intention.

On January 29, I am offering a free webinar introducing you to the practice of Integrative Movement.  We will be using a guided gentle chair yoga practice to learn how to be present with our body with awareness and breath.  Magic happens when you combine awareness, breath and movement with a healing intention.  This is a simple class that anyone can do.  All you need is yourself, a chair, clothing that won’t inhibit your movement . . . and a computer, pad or cell phone.

Stay tuned for more details.


Awareness Practice.

This week, consider your relationship with your body, with your pain.  Here are some questions you can ask:

  1. Are you aware of your body?
  2. Do you hate your body?
  3. Do you love your body?
  4. Do you hate your pain?

There isn’t a right or wrong answer to this.  Just be truthful about how you feel.  The truth will set you free.


May your and your body be one,