Healing the Heart

Healing the Heart

Heart wounds are those experiences that get lodged in our heart that disconnect us from our connection to God, our sense of our inner self and our authentic self.  These heart wounds are what make us feel like we are not enough and that we can’t trust our own inner knowing.  They inhibit our aliveness and inhibit the expression of who we really are. 

These heart wounds are the foundation of ill health.  The inhibit joy and the free flow of energy in the body.  We compensate for these wounds by compromising our expression in the world.  By being disconnected from our true self, we become the walking wounded; physically, emotionally and mentally.

The four basic types of heart wounds are:


Neglect happens when we do not receive the love, nurturing and basic care when we are infants or even later in life.  It sends us the message that we are not important.  When we are neglected, we tend to feel invisible and not enough.  We crave love and care.   We crave the loving nurturance that a loving mother would give a child.  Our self esteem is gone.  Our sense of self is weak. We are afraid to express our self.  We fade into the background and live a life of secret misery. Our beauty and gifts are lost to the world. 


Abuse happens when we are openly criticized, physically abused, sexually abused or emotionally abused.  Abuse is a direct statement from the abuser that who we are isn’t ok.  It sends the message that who we are isn’t enough; that we need to be someone other than who we are to get our needs met and be loved.  We often feel like life isn’t safe.  We never know when the next ‘blow’ will come.  We often compensate for this by becoming a people pleaser.  If we can just be or do the right thing, then we will receive love and our needs will be met.  Yet our inner self is dying for love, attention and expression. 


Co-dependency happens when those who raised us have unhealthy boundaries and therefore, we never learn healthy boundaries.  In this case, our sense of self is obscured.  We derive our sense of self through other people not through our self.   We need the approval of others to feel ok.  Our true self cannot be felt and expressed.  We often lack healthy boundaries.  We allow others to abuse us.  We are people pleasers.  We take on other people’s problems to solve.  We don’t know what we want or need.  Even if we did know what we wanted or needed, we are powerless to claim that.  We are too busy taking care of others or living through others. 


Loss is when we have a loss of someone whom we loved and or who loved us.  If is the loss of a parent at a young age, it undermines our sense of trust in the world.  It lodges a deep sense of sadness within the heart.  If the loss occurs when we are very young or have any of the other core wounds, we may not have the inner resources to overcome the loss and the sadness may linger into adulthood.  We live a life of sadness and depression without knowing why. 

This may sound tragic and it is.  It is the loss of ourselves, our freedom, and our joy.  I believe the underlying cause of fibromyaligia is unhealed heart wounds.  It has certainly been a major factor in my health challenges.  

The good news!

The good news is that these wounds can be healed and we can move beyond them.  In fact, in the process of healing our core wounds lead us to great strength and power.  They teach us compassion and love and many other lessons.  

Introspection for the week:

  1. Look within and notice which of these heart wounds you have experienced.
  2. Notice how they have impacted you and your life.
  3. How have you compensated in order to survive with the unhealed wound?
  4. What healing of the wound(s) have you already accomplished?
  5. What still needs to be healed?


The rejuvenate program is designed to help in the healing of heart wounds. When I began practicing yoga, relaxation, breathwork and meditation, I became more aware of my heart wounds and had the tools to unwind the wounds and reclaim my heart.  Click here to find out more or see below. 

May your heart be healed,


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  • Body awareness
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  • Guided Relaxation

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  • Guided relaxation

Relaxation and Meditation

  • Becoming Present
  • Self Love and Compassion
Why Willpower Doesn’t Work . . . And What Does!

Why Willpower Doesn’t Work . . . And What Does!

Why Willpower does not work . . .  and what does!


We all have habits, mental patterns, emotional patterns that we dislike.  How often have you tried to change those habits and patterns only to fail?  Maybe it worked temporarily, then the pattern reemerged.  Or perhaps it just never worked.

Have you been called weak for not being about to change a pattern or habit?  Have you criticized yourself for being weak willed?  Have you given up on trying to change and accept status quo, yet still find an underlying desire for the change you envisioned?


Why do we fail?

Most of the time, when we attempt to change patterns or habits, we are working on the level of the conscious mind and trying to change from the outside in.  We give little or no credence to our subconscious mind, which in truth runs the show.

Our subconscious mind holds the memories of our positive life experiences, negative life experiences and traumas.  Out of these experiences, we develop beliefs and protections based on our experiences.  Our self-defeating patterns are fueled by these subconscious memories.  These memories will win in the battle between the mind and the subconscious memories.

In my work in assisting my clients in unraveling their subconscious pattern, I am again and again amazed at the power of the subconscious.  Often the need to for safety, security, life, and love, held in the subconscious, is at the root of these patterns.  They are not going to go away until getting these needs met is reasonable assured.  This is not logical.  It is deeply held in the limbic brain which is driven by the emotional feeling body.

Give yourself a break.  It is not your fault that your efforts have failed.  You just did not have the right tools to work with.


What does work? 

The primary ingredients in being able to unravel negative patterns is Awareness, Acceptance and Compassion.

Awareness.  As we become more aware of our body, mind, and emotions, we can begin to see the underlying components of the pattern.  The emotions we do not want to feel.  The negative beliefs about ourselves and others to escape from feeling our emotions.  The protective habits we have normalized to the point that we do not even question them . . . and assume that is just who we are.

Acceptance.  Acceptance is the ability to greet that which arises will acceptance.  This can be a difficult step as we are often our own self-critic.  That is one of the patterns that we need to dismantle.  Yet, if we can accept all that arises, even our own self critic, we can begin to discover deeper motivations for our self-defeating actions and beliefs.

By greeting our inner parts with an attitude of curiosity rather than an attitude of criticism, we can begin to understand how the underlying parts fueling the negative beliefs and habits, have our best interest in mind.  Yet the beliefs and habits might be outdated, not really needed anymore, and sabotage our health and happiness.

Compassion   Compassion allows us to hold our self with understanding rather than blame.  Compassion is the ability to be present with painful experiences and emotions without turning away from our self.  Compassion is our ability to greet all our parts, positive and negative, with understanding and forgiveness.  It is the ability to give to our self the love and acceptance that was previously withheld.

By participating in a cyclic process of awareness, acceptance, and compassion, we can unravel the underlying subconscious destructive cellular memories and trapped emotions that are fueling our self-defeating patterns.  As we become more aware of our underlying programming, the patterns begin to unravel themselves and we move closer to who we really are.


The Hidden Gift

While Awareness, Acceptance and Compassion may not be a quick fix, it will provide real and lasting changes.  More importantly, it will bring you into a healthy, loving, and compassionate relationship with your Self and all your parts.  That is a journey worth taking.  That is the treasure hidden within.  From a place of Self, you will discover deep the inner fulfillment that your soul craves.  That is priceless.   


Free Mini Course 

My free Mini Course, Six Steps to Resolve Hidden Stressors, provides a blueprint that can be help bring the subconscious in to awareness.  If you use this on a regular basis when you are struggling with a challenge in your life, you can get insights into the underlying factors in self-defeating patterns. 

If you do not have the Mini Course, click here to receive it.  If you have it, pull it out, dust it off and give it a try.  If you have questions about the Mini Course, join my Facebook Group, I Want to Be Healthy which was created to answer questions and provide a place for discussions about the Mini Course.  If you have not joined, you can do so by clicking on this link.


Awareness Practice

  1. Take an inventory of your challenges. Make a list of all the things that you complain about in your life.  Under each of these complaints is a hidden treasure.
  2. Use the worksheet in the Mini Course as a self-inquiry guide.
  3. Explore one challenge at a time.
  4. Become more aware of the emotions and beliefs underlying your areas of challenge.
  5. Notice your relationship with your emotions and explore ways to embrace your emotions.
  6. Create some truth focus statements to remind you of the experience you would like to have.
  7. Use the truth focus statements to remind you of your higher intention.


 May you discover the wealth of the Self within, 


Honor Your Uniqueness

Honor Your Uniqueness

Honoring your Uniqueness

You are unique. Your hair color and texture, your eyes, your body, your mind, your emotions, your gifts, the way you express in the world. Your likes and dislikes. They way your body digest and assimilate foods. The way you respond to stress. How you interpret the world. There is no one in the world who is exactly like you. You are a unique creation. There never was and never will be anyone exactly like you.

Just like a garden with various flowers, the flowers are each unique and have their own special place as part of the whole. Like a forest with trees, shrubs, flowers, grasses, insects, birds, animals. The beauty of the forest is a blend of all the unique expressions within the forest.

Like an orchestra with many different instrument and even more unique individuals playing the orchestra. Each is unique and combine with the others contribute to a beautiful concert.

On our planet exist billions of individuals. Each individual is completely unique. Yet, we all share in the truth that we are all human. If we are carbon copies of one template, the world would be very boring.

No person is any better or worse than any other person. Each person, because they are unique expressions of consciousness, has a unique place on this planet. Each person has unique needs. Biological needs, emotional needs, psychological needs spiritual needs.


Each person’s journey to health is unique

There is no one treatment for fibromyalgia that will work for everybody. Every person’s journey to health and well-being is as unique as the individual.

I get asked, how do you treat fibromyalgia pain. I cannot answer that question. In order to answer that question, I would need to identify the imbalances in the individual asking the question. Health and life challenges are cause by a combination of factors that need to be identified and resolved from the inside out. Out side in is trying to change the symptoms without addressing the underlying imbalances.


Underlying factors in health and life challenges

There are common areas that need to be evaluated for balance or imbalance. The physical body, the emotional body, the mind, the energy body and life expression. An imbalance or imbalances in any of these areas contribute to the experience of fibromyalgia. And there are always imbalances in each of these areas. Let us look more deeply at this.

Physical body factors:

  • Poor diet – some of the important pieces to understanding diet include quality and quantity of food and eating the right foods that match your body’s unique needs. Some people need more animal protein, some need more grains. Each body is unique. There is not one diet that works for everyone.
  • Exercise – We need to look at what kind of exercise, how much exercise and what is the right exercise for your body’s unique needs.
  • Toxicity – we live in a toxic world. There are toxins in the environment, cleaning products, food, toiletries and cosmetics. There are also natural toxins from the body’s metabolic processes. We need to look at your body’s ability to release toxins.

Emotional body factors:

  • Trauma- physical, emotional, mental, energetic or spiritual.
  • Negative childhood experiences
  • Enculturation from parents, school, spiritual and religious institution
  • Societal conditioning
  • Inherited traumas and tendencies
  • Suppressing our aliveness and unique gifts.

Mental Body factors:

  • Rigid thinking
  • Conditioned mental positions
  • These are closely linked to the emotional body factors.

Expression/Lifestyle factors:

  • Stress in relationships
  • Overwork – no balance in rest, relaxation and work activities.
  • Stress in family
  • Financial stress
  • Most of these stresses are caused by the emotional and mental body factors.

For each person with fibromyalgia or any other chronic illness there is a unique blend of these underlying “causes”. I is what I call the fibromyalgia matrix. Everyone’s matrix is different. That is why there is no one cure for fibromyalgia or any other chronic illness. Rebuilding your heath is a progressive process of identifying and resolving the underlying causes.


You are a unique expression of the Divine

You are a unique and beloved expression of the Divine. You have forgotten that. Your body is a temple of the Divine and deserves to be treated with reverence, given the right foods. You heart is a beautiful expression of the Divine and deserves absolute love and respect. Each emotion that you feel is valid and deserved to be respected and honored. Each soul centered desire is important and needs to be embraced.

We do not give our body, heart, emotions and soul centered desires the love and respect that they deserve. We look outside of our self for love, yet that love lives within us. We are the love we seek. We are the ones who can give ourselves the unconditional love that we deserve. We are the ones who can chose to take excellent care of the body with right foods and exercise. We are the ones to make lifestyle choices that support or health and well-being. We are the ones who can look at and unravel the hidden emotional wounds, trauma and negative condition that keep our spirit captive and unexpressed.


You have the power to rebuild your health

We have the power to rebuild our health, reclaim our life, rediscover our joy and align with our purpose.

This is the journey to physical health but also to peace in the heart, clarity of mind, and abundance of energy and connection to a higher power, God, Consciousness.

What blocks our journey are the same imbalances we strive to resolve. In a sense parts of our self are working against our efforts to health our self. Our traumas and wounds are carefully guarded by repressing our emotions and the adopted mental positions needed to survive at the time the wounds were created. Yet, these same protective parts keep us in a cage of unending misery and unfulfillment once their usefulness has expired.

Another thing that blocks our journey is not knowing how to proceed in the direction of healing. A great deal of health information is based on an outside-in fix. Resolving the imbalances is an inside-out job; doing the inner work to resolve the external manifestations. The outside-in fixes may give temporary relief of symptoms but will not give lasting resolution and a deeper sense of peace and well-being. They can be used along with the inside-out work to relieve symptoms until they are no longer needed.


Getting support

What I offer is a process of exploring and resolving the imbalances on all levels. Please stay tuned, listen, read and use what resonates for you. Watch for upcoming group programs so we can support each other in our transformation.


Awareness Practice

  • Review the list above and become aware of what areas of your life include imbalances.
  • Take some time to list the imbalances that you are aware of.
  • Breathe. Know that awareness is the first step to healing
  • Relax. Know that this is a journey, not an event.
  • Intention. Create the intention to improve your health and well-being on all levels.
  • Allow the process to unfold. Form follows intention.


May you be whole and discover dynamic physical health, along with peace and fulfillment.


The Power of Compassion

The Power of Compassion

 Last week, we looked at the Power of Acceptance.  About how we have been programed to judge and push away parts of who we are, either because they are what we deem bad parts or even our gifts that seemed unacceptable to those who raised us.  We talked about how accepting these parts of us allows us to explore and reconsider decisions we made growing up to fit in, receive love and acceptance and perhaps even to feel safe.


Let’s bring compassion into the picture 

This week, we are going to take a next step.  We are going to explore the power of compassion.  Compassion brings into play empathy.  Compassion is the feeling of true acceptance; of allowing the hardness of our heart to melt as we encounter aspects of our self that we judge or condemn. 

Maybe you say, I accept that part of me.  But is that acceptance true?  Are you secretly saying to accept it only hoping that it will go away?   Do you secretly feel shame because of that part?


Compassion is about feeling and empathy 

Compassion happens when we feel into and understand our parts.    When we understand that all our parts are there for a purpose.  That in their own, often misguided way, have our best interest at heart. 


Here is an example from my life:


I have a part that doesn’t trust other people.  I judge myself for not trusting other people.  I see how it can lead to isolation and pushing others away.  I judge that as wrong and feel like there is something wrong with me.  

When I feel into that part, I notice the emotion of fear.  I feel that fear in my belly.   When I feel into that, fear, I notice that underneath the fear is sadness and hurt.    Memories of being hurt, abused and tormented by other people begin to surface.  Feelings of being alone and unprotected.  Feelings of being powerless and unsafe.  I decided that people weren’t safe.  I was alone and I had to do it myself.  I had to take care of myself because nobody else would.  I became a loner.  

With all this information, I can understand why I don’t trust people.  People from my past hurt me, emotionally and physically.  At the time, I wasn’t safe.  I didn’t feel safe.  I needed to distance myself from those who would hurt me to stay safe.  I became invisible and small.  I needed to stay out of their radar.  By doing that, I was safer.  The choices I made at the time kept me safer and allow me to survive my childhood.    

In my adult life, I continued to live by these beliefs and actions.  I was small.  I was afraid to step out and be seen.  I didn’t thrive in life.  I didn’t feel fulfilled or loved.  And I was afraid.  I had many health issues.  

By understanding all of this, I could have compassion for myself.  I could embrace the part of me that was frightened and needed to be small and push people away.  I could understand why I didn’t trust people.  I also realized that I had often attracted people to me that treated me with the same disrespect.  I was reliving the experience from my childhood again and again.  

Yet, now I am an adult.  I have resources available that I didn’t then.  I could reconsider my choices.  At the time, I did what I needed to do to survive and feel safe.  I survived my childhood.  I grew into an adult.   Yet, I had to ask, if these choices were still serving me.   Are the decisions I made still true.  Are the strategies that I adopted to survive still needed and effective.    What is the cost of staying safe?  Is what I am losing out on, worth the perceived safety? 

From that perspective, I could make different choices.  I could use the power of discernment to choose who I let into my life and who I wouldn’t.  I could practice self-love by saying no to people who treated me with disrespect or hurt me.  I could find new friends whom I felt safe with.  I could let people in and feel connected rather than isolated.  I could ask for help and not feel I had to do it all alone. 

By calling on the power of Compassion we can transform 

By accepting and having compassion for the part of me that didn’t trust people, I was able to discover the fear and hurt inside.  I could understand the choices I made to keep myself safe.  I could reconsider and make different choices.  But without acceptance and compassion and some self-inquiry, I was stuck and alone.  

Now I have loving considerate friends.  I feel connected to myself and to others.  I use discernment when I meet people and discretion as to who I allow in my inner circle of close friends.  I can ask for help and not feel like I am all alone and frightened all the time.  

Also, by going through this process and feeling and accepting with compassion suppressed emotions and creating a life where I didn’t need to be fearful, my body began to heal in ways that it hadn’t before.  Pain reduced, sleep improved, fatigue lessened, anxiety dropped, contentment improved.  

Transformation is a process

This transformation has been a process.  And challenging at times.  The fearful part of me, had to take some risks to trust and try a different way of being.   Had to risk saying no to people that weren’t respectful or that just didn’t resonate with me.  I had to stop being a people pleaser and listen to my deeper inner voice and make the best choice for my well-being even if someone else didn’t approve of it.


It is worth the effort

It was totally worth the effort.  I will have many more years of inner peace, love and greater fulfillment for understanding and shifting the old patterns of protection into new patterns of empowerment and self-love.  This process allowed me to stop playing small and to access my inner gifts and share them with the world.  And finding great fulfillment in that.

The awareness, acceptance and compassion were instrumental in supporting this inner transformation and freeing me from a life of misery and delivering me into a life of freedom, joy and fulfillment.  I wish that for you too.   That you can meet yourself with awareness, acceptance and compassion to set yourself on the path of transformation and inner peace, fulfillment and improved health.


Awareness Practice for this week:

  • Take some time this week to sit with parts of yourself that you judge.
  • Do some self-inquiry to identify emotions, thoughts, beliefs, memories and physical sensations connected with that part.
  • Watch what happens.


Receiving help for your transformation

I understand this can be a challenging to do alone.  I am working on some affordable programs to support you in this work:

  • Reclaim your Power Program – a 21-day program to guide you step by step on how to connect with your body, heart, emotions and soul.
  • An online group program entitled, “Healing the Pain Body”, where we can come together to support each other in this transformation.
  • As always, I also offer one on one sessions to assist you in unraveling the underlying matrix of beliefs, emotions and negative cellular memories to help you to rebuild your health and reclaim your life.


May you meet yourself with compassion, moment by moment.



The Power of Acceptance Pt 2

The Power of Acceptance Pt 2

Last week, we talked about accepting what was showing up in our environment and how by accepting that rather than ignoring, resisting or denying what was, we could empower our self to make choices and take actions or shift our perceptions of what is to improve our situation. 

This week let’s look at how accepting our inner world can lead to significant changes in our health and happiness.


 Increasing Awareness

When we begin to become more aware of our thoughts, emotions and body sensations, we might not approve of what we are encountering.    Most of us were raised by people who had not been raised by parents who exhibited unconditional love.    We were silently trained how to behave in order to win our parents approval.



Were you told parts of you were unacceptable? 

Perhaps you were told you were too sensitive.  Perhaps, it wasn’t safe or acceptable to feel your emotions.  Perhaps you were told that children should be quiet.  Maybe you had a gift of music or art and didn’t fare well in our mentally oriented school system.  What if the religion of your parents didn’t resonate with you? 

How often do we judge ourselves for being who we are?  How often do you compare yourself with others and think you should be different than you are?  Do you have spiritual or religious expectations that you can’t meet? 

Are you so happy and excited about life that others feel uncomfortable around you?  Do you speak your truth and notice how others might be uncomfortable with that?  Are you too loud, not loud enough?  Are to too introverted or too extroverted?  Too thin, too fat?  Too tall, too short.  Maybe your hair is curly, and you want it to be straight. 

We often embody the expectations of the elders from our childhood and use them to constantly criticize our self.  We often push away our uniqueness, gifts and talents, because they were deemed unacceptable by those who raised us.


Increased awareness must include acceptance and compassion 

As we increase our awareness, we become more aware of the parts of our self that we dislike or have pushed away.    We can become more aware of how we criticize our self.  This can be uncomfortable.  We might not want to look at this.  Yet, but allowing this increased awareness gives us the opportunity to make different choices.  By accepting ourselves, even the “bad” parts of our self, and looking at them with honesty and acceptance, we begin the process of transforming our self.   We even need to accept the part of our self that judges us.


“Whatever arises, needs more love, not less”

Are we conditioned to punish our self?

Even this may seem counter intuitive to your conditioning.  Most of us have been raised that if we did something “wrong” we needed to be punished.  We still hold that belief thinking that we are doing something “wrong” and the only way to stop doing it is to punish ourselves.  

Maybe the reverse is true.  Maybe we need more love, not less.  Maybe if we stopped criticizing and beating up on ourselves silently in our head, and instead met our self with compassion and acceptance, we would heal and thrive.    

Maybe the parts of our self that we think are wrong or bad, just need to be loved.  Maybe our unique authentic self that has been pushed into the background needs to be revisited and reclaimed as part of our journey to health and happiness.

Learning to meet our self with love and acceptance is a journey, not an event.  It must be approached with compassion and patience.  


Awareness Practice:

  • Become aware of your inner critic with compassion, understanding that part of you is really doing what it thinks is best for your highest good. Let it know that there are now more choices available.
  • Consider what parts of you that you have suppressed or hidden because they were deemed unacceptable by someone from your past. Acknowledge and reconnect with those parts.  (hint: they are probably parts of yourself that you judge) 


May you blossom under the acceptance of yourself. 



6 Steps to Enhance Spiritual Connection

6 Steps to Enhance Spiritual Connection

Connection to Spirit

The spirit, or spiritual essence, is the core of who we are. It has been said that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Our spirit is the unseen essence within us that activates, guides, and directs us in our lives here on earth.

Spirit is the energetic essence of all life, of all existence, of which we are a part. It is ever-present and unchangeable. It is the creator of life and the destroyer of life. It is the yin and yang, positive and negative, love and fear. It is subtle and beyond description and words. Like me in this moment, many have attempted to put it into words, but the most that words can do is point to an experience beyond words or thought.

Within each one of us, there is an inherent longing to be connected to this inner essence. We each experience our connection with our inner essence in our own unique way. For some it is stillness, for some it is activity, some it is connection through nature. There are as many paths to the reconnection and remembrance of who we as there are stars in the sky.

The Problem

Many of us have forgotten or lost the true authentic connection with our spiritual essence. Inherent in each of us is a longing to reconnect with or remember who we really are. We feel the inner longing whether we know it or not.

When we are not connected with our inner spirit, this longing can be interpreted as a need for more from the world around us. The problem is that nothing in our external world can fulfill the inner longing to reconnect with our spirit. If we misunderstand this longing for more, we can spend precious time and energy “looking for love in all the wrong places,” so to speak.

Imbalance in the physical, mental, and emotional dimensions cause static in the energy field and makes the connection with our  spiritual self more difficult. It is as if a cloud is passing over the sun, obscuring the light. The more balance in the other dimensions, the more light is allowed through. In order to accentuate our connection with our Divine Nature, balance in all dimensions is needed.  The 6 steps below will assist you in strengthening your connection with your spirit.

6 Steps to enhance our connection to Spirit:

1.  Understanding.

An understanding of our spiritual nature and the human journey is helpful to get the mind on board with the journey. The mind is a powerful tool that can be used to enhance the spiritual connection or sever it.

2.  Acceptance.

Acceptance is a major aspect of the spiritual journey. If all is Consciousness, then all is One. In that understanding, everything is an expression of Love. Everything we experience is the “play of consciousness.” One step in connecting with spirit is developing the art of equanimity, seeing the divine hand at play in all situations and experiences.

3.  Awareness.

Awareness is a key ingredient in connection with our Divine Nature. if we focus on increasing our awarness of each moment.  We can feel our body, notice our breath, become aware of our emotions, notice sights, sounds and smells as we go through our day.   Increasing our awareness of what is happening in the moment allow our awareness naturally expands so that we see more and have greater insight. 

4.  Balance.

Balance in all dimensions helps to reduce the static that clouds our awareness. When our mind is busy, our emotions antagonized, our bodies in pain or fatigued, our awarness is dimmed.  When we balance our body, emotions and mind, they become quieter and in greater hamony with each other and awareness of the more subtle spiritual increases.  As our awareness expands, we realize that our spiritual essence is always there if only we have the eyes to see it. 

5.  Connection.

Taking time on a regular basis to consciously reconnect with our spiritual essence speeds up the journey. It can be as simple as pausing for a few breaths or as involved in a daily practice of meditation. What do you do that helps you to feel greater peace within?  What is important is the connection, not the tool.   

6.  Sharing.

We are one. What we give is what we receive. Sharing our authentic self with others empowers our journey and theirs. Being truthful with our self helps us to create an inner connection, sharing that with others enhances it.  Sharing creates an upward spiral flow that uplifts all of life. 

In Summary

Our spiritual essence lives at the core of our being.  When connected with this inner self, a deep sense of well-being occurs.  When the body, emotions and mind are imbalanced, this deeper sense of self can be obscured.  By bringing balance to the denser dimensions, we eliminate some of the “noise” and disturbance, making the spiritual dimension more available to our experience.

Through intention and honing our skill of sensing our spiritual self, we make it more available to us. We experience this inner self, we connect to a sense of inner peace.   When our sense of inner peace is disturbed, we know when we are out of connection and can make choices to restore our inner peace. Ultimately, that becomes your primary interest. Everything else is secondary and yet everything else falls into place once the spiritual connection is strong and consistent.

May you connect within and embrace inner peace.