Inner Transformation

Inner Transformation sessions offerings focus on healing and balance in the emotional and mental dimensions to create the foundation for improved health and increased effectiveness in setting and accomplishing goals in your life. Inner transformation is a rewarding journey of shifting emotions and belief systems that do not support your highest good.  Click here for more information. 


The body is designed to heal itself if given what it needs.  SpectraVision is a state of the art bio-energetic testing device that taps into the wisdom of the body, allowing us to support the body in rebuilding health and wellness.  From a SpectraVision scan, a protocol can be creates that supports the body moving back into balance on a physical and energetic level.   Click here to find out more. 

What’s the Right Diet for Me?

Did you know that your diet is the foundation for your health and you can save thousands of dollars in health care expenses by eating the right foods for your body?  Click here to find out how. 

Wellness Coaching

Do you have difficulties making the lifestyle changes you want to make to improve your health and wellness?  Did you know that a Wellness Coach is trained to professionally guide you through the process of making and sustaining lifestyle changes that result in improved health for a lifetime?  Find out more by clicking here.

The Healing Codes

Are you encountering challenges in your health or life that you cannot over come?  Did you know that your subconscious programming may be working against you and blocking you from reaching your goals . . . whether they be health, career, financial, or relationship related?  Find out how your can neutralize negative programming and download life enhancing programming by clicking here. 


Life Coaching

By embracing your challenges and discovering the gift inherent within each challenge your life becomes an adventure to be celebrated rather than a series of problems to overcome.  Bindu synergestically blends her training and natural intuitive insights to guide you into a place of inner peace, harmony and fulfillment in your life.


Discover that meditation isn’t a sitting practice of stopping the mind, but that there is a natural form of meditation that lives within you waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.  Experience all of the well documented benefits of meditation with ease and grace.

Schedule a free 1 hour Integrative Wholeness Discovery Session with Bindu and together create a customized program that puts you on your unique path to enlivening your authentic magnificent self.

All sessions can be done via phone, skype or in person.