Reclaim Your Power by connecting with a calm, grounded Presence within. Discover how and why you are disconnected from Presence and how you can reclaim and strengthen that connection. This is the heart and soul of the journey into Integrative Wholeness.

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Integrative Wholeness is when
your body, emotions, heart, mind, and spirit are in harmony.

Integrative Wholeness is based on the idea that we are multidimensional beings.

We have a physical body, emotional body, mental body, HEART, witness consciousness, energy and Presence.

To experience the fullness of life, all dimensions must be balanced.

As the dimensions are balanced, they come into resonance with each other into a state of Harmonic Coherence.

The Heart is the meeting place where the Human and Being dimensions integrate into a cohesive whole.

This is called Integrative Wholeness.

Symptoms in the body are a sign of imbalance in the Physical Body

Erratic emotions are a sign of imbalance in the Emotional Body

Excessive and negative thinking is a sign of imbalance in the Mental Body

The mission of the Integrative Wholeness is to educate and support individuals in creating balance in all dimensions and experiencing a state of Integrative Wholeness and radiating that into the world.

Signs of Integrative Wholeness™

  • Care for your body as the temple of the divine and experience dynamic health.
  • Heal emotional wounds and open your heart to fully loving yourself and others.
  • Harness your mind to work in harmony with your heart and soul.
  • Remove the masks that stifle your uniqueness and discover your authentic self.
  • Align with your soul purpose and express your unique gifts in the world.
  • Feel your connection with your divine nature flowing into all aspects of your life.
  • Be empowered by mastering the art of Conscious Creation.
  • Reconnect to your inner guidance and allow it to guide you in all that you do.
  • Ground yourself in inner peace and contentment.

About Bindu

Nearly 40 years ago, I stepped into a journey of Self discovery. At the time I was a few years out of college progressing in my career as an auditor in a CPA firm. Yet, I was miserable. I had multiple physical, mental, and emotional symptoms including fatigue, relentless pain, severe IBS, interstitial cystitis, brain fog, anxiety, and depression (later diagnosed as fibromyalgia). I was a compulsive eater and sucked in relationships. I quit my job and began looking for solutions to my health and for inner peace.

That journey led me in to an exploration of holistic health and spirituality. I worked with numerous holistic health practioners on my own health. I focused on TM meditation for 6 months. I spent 6 years as a resident staff member of Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, sudying directly with a Yoga Master. I taught yoga and built and ran The Yoga Connection, a successful yoga studio for 14 years. I spent 4 years in direct mentoring with a Meditation Master and then 3 year in residence at a Vedic Monistary. I trained in holistic health modalities for 10 years. 30+ years of daily yoga and meditation practice transformed me from the inside out. My life is now a waking meditation. My experiences with holistic health and spirituality helped me to see my health issues in a totally different way and I became my own healer.

My health issues changed the trajectory of my spiritual journey. In many ways, my health forced me to keep my life simple; to keep the focus on my own healing and my spiritual evolution. I also had a deep inner commitment to my spirituality.

Here I am today, my heart filled with gratitude. Now, in my 60’s, my health is better than ever and improving every day. I still have challenges in my life, and I see them as opportunities to grow into a more expanded version of myself. I am a work in progress as we all are. I have created a life that I love. I love being me, which is the most important transformation of all! I have found the inner peace that I craved and an inner strength that I never even knew existed.