Complimentary Integrative Wholeness Discovery Session

Talk one on one with Bindu about your desires and challenges.  Breakthrough limiting beliefs and put yourself on the road to manifesting the life of your dreams.   Click here to schedule your session.

A Healthy, Balanced Body

Discover your unique pathway to a healthy, balanced body. Improve your physical health, resulting in greater energy, ease, strength, and pleasure in your physical body. Provide a solid foundation for mastery of the emotional, mental, expression, and spiritual dimensions.  To learn more click here.

Inner Transformation

Inner Transformation offerings focus on healing and balance in the emotional and mental dimensions to create the foundation for improved health and increased effectiveness in setting and accomplishing goals in your life. Inner transformation is a rewarding journey of shifting emotions and belief systems that do not support your highest good. It is also an essential element in achieving and maintaining a state of Integrative Wholeness™.  To find out more click here.

Primary Trinity Intensive

The Primary Trinity is the physical, emotional, and mental dimensions. As these three dimensions are closely linked and impact each other, this program is designed to bring all three into balance simultaneously as well as give you the skills to maintain that balance for a lifetime. It blends A Healthy Balanced Body with Inner Transformation for a life transformative experience.  Click here to find out more.

Enhance Your Expression

The aim of Enhance Your Expression is to embrace any and all life challenges or desires as a catalyst for inner transformation and to create lasting positive results that are in alignment with your heart and soul. Done following or in combination with Inner Transformation assures results that are in harmony with self-care and achieving and maintaining a state of Integrative Wholeness™.  Click here to find out more.

Connection with the Divine

Connection with the Divine is the art of experientialy feeling the presence of and creating consistency in your subtle dimensions. It is about anchoring your identity in that reality where true inner peace and contentment reside. You become the calm witness within any challenge in your life.  To learn more, click here. 

Not sure where to begin?

Schedule a free 1 hour Integrative Wholeness Discovery Session and meet with Bindu via phone, skyp or in person.  Together we will look at your challenges and your desires and design a program unique to you.  

Sign up for the free Integrative Wholeness Starter Kit. Learn more about Integrative Wholeness and take the Integrative Wholeness Assessment.

All programs contain elements of work in all the dimensions. The primary dimensional focus shifts from program to program.   It is recommended to begin with establishing consistent balance in the physical, emotional, and mental dimensions, as they are the foundation for success in the areas of Expression and Spiritual Connection.

The aim of all programs is to assist you in creating the health and life that you want to manifest on earth while supporting your ever-increasing Integrative Wholeness. All sessions are available via phone or skype.