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Primary Trinity Intensive

The Primary Trinity Transformation Intensive blends the Healthy Balanced Body Program with the Inner Transformation Program to create an unparalleled experience of:

  • Create a firm foundation of dynamic health.
  • Discover emotional health, freedom and mastery.
  • Harness the mind to work in harmony with the heart and soul.
  • Reclaim your power.
  • Express your authentic self.
  • Enhance your effectiveness in the world.
  • Set the stage for mastery of the Enhance your Expression and Connection with the Divine program
Treat yourself to healing your body, opening your heart and harnessing your mind in this all-encompassing program. 
Discover how the dimensions of body, emotions and mind work together or against each other. 
Reclaim your power to create optimal health, an open heart and a powerful mind.

To decide if the Primary Trinity Intensive is right for you, I invite you to schedule a Free Integrative Wholeness Discovery Session with me.  During this session, we will discuss your dreams, desires and challenges to determine how I can best support you in manifesting your soul centered magnificence.