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Connection with the Divine

  • Do you feel like you have lost the very center of who you are?
  • Are you successful in the world, but still feel like something is missing?
  • Do you have a longing for things to slow down?
  • Do you want to find peace and quiet?
  • Are you searching for enlightenment?

Within the activity of our body, emotions, mind and life there is a place within that is still and aware. 

This is the calm within the storm of life.   This is the essence of who we are at our core. 

It is unchangeable and impervious to harm.

In the busy-ness of our lives, we often are not aware of this innermost part of ourselves.  Yet, when we connect with it and draw upon it, it offers us great strength, power, centeredness and freedom.  Connection with the Divine program provides us with the tools and awareness to connect with and utilize this deep inner strength in our lives.  The results of this program are in the intangible realm, but have very tangible impact on our lives and wellbeing.

Results of the Connection with the Divine Program include:

  • A sense of coming home to yourself.
  • Increased Inner Peace.
  • Development of witness consciousness and equanimity.
  • Creation of balance between your inner life and outer life.
  • Discovery of your unique connection to your Divine Self.
  • Commitment to a daily spiritual practice.
  • Increased power to manifest your inner desires.

To decide if the Connection with the Divine is right for you, I invite you to schedule a Free Integrative Wholeness Discovery Session with me.  Let’s discuss your experience in life and create a program designed for you to enhance your connection with the design that lives within.

All sessions can be done via phone, skype or in person.