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In the early 80’s when I had just begun my search for healing, my sister gave me a recording of a song entitled, Learning to Love Yourself is the Greatest Love of All, by George Benson.

As I listened to it, I cried and cried.  It so touched my heart.  I could see how far away from loving myself I was.

For years, this became my theme song.  If I broke up from a relationship and was devastated, I asked myself, “how can I love my self more.”  If I am so devastated by the end of this relationship, then I need to learn to love myself more.

If I had a failure in my life, or things just weren’t going my way, I asked myself, “How can I love myself more.”

It took a long time and a lot of heart breaks and failures in my life, before I could truly love myself and hold myself with compassion.  But I have arrived.  I still have my moments of self judgment, but they no longer have much of a hold on me; sometimes just fleeting thoughts.  Sometimes they grab me and I hold myself with self-compassion and work through it.  Reminding myself that is only my shame talking and that isn’t who I am. 

I wish this for you also.

May you Love Yourself more and more each day.


Here is a link to listen to:

The Greatest Love of All by George Benson

and another rendition by Whitney Houston

I hope they encourage you the way it did for me.