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It’s All Energy

Everything is energy.  Our body, emotions, mind, expression and spirit are all energetic expressions.  Energetic healing is about working directly with the energetic level of your being.

Energy healing can root out underlying causes of challenges in your body and your life that are far beyond your conscious awareness.  This is esoteric work, dealing with subtle energy signatures that reside in your energy field.

I blend different forms of energy work including Reiki, the Healing Codes, Yuen Method to get the ball rolling.  The most powerful work happens when I let go and allow spirit to guide me and work through me.   I allow my intuition and yours to guide me to provide you with the type of work that is appropriate for you in the moment.

If you are drawn to this type of work, it can be helpful in any dimension and for any problem.

To discover if this work is right for you, schedule a complimentary Integrative Wholeness Discovery Session or if you prefer a 30 minute complimentary energy healing session.