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A major factor in insomnia is negative cellular memories. They act like a virus in the human body/energy system to steadily disrupt the mechanisms of the body to heal itself. 

Negative Cellular Memories

 I am sure you have been told it is all in your head. I heard that many times in my life. When we hear that, we tend to think that they are saying we should be able to control what is happening to us.  Obviously, that isn’t true, or we wouldn’t have the physical symptoms that torture us every day.

 However, there is a sub-conscious mind and an unconscious mind that does control what we think and do. And that is beyond your control.  Until it is not . . . keep reading!

 In our sub and unconscious mind are stored negative cellular memories. These memories have a negative element to them that is constantly sending a message to your nervous system telling you to stay alert and be prepared to fight or run. When this is going on in your subconscious memory, your body simply cannot relax enough to sleep. And the little sleep you do get isn’t deep and restful.

 What is a negative cellular memory

 We all have negative cellular memories. It is a fact of life. Every experience we have in our lives is imprinted into our cellular memory banks. Positive and negative memories are both stored.

 Negative cellular memories are the memories where you felt afraid, angry, unloved, threatened, ignored, neglected or hurt. We all have them. These memories impact our health when we were not able to resolve them due to the situation we were in.

 For example, you were constantly criticized by a parent.  It was not safe in your household to even stand up to the parent.  You were subjected to further abuse if you spoke back.  No resolution possible.  This is the kind of memory that undermines your self confidence, self love and your health.  It will interfere with your health and happiness until you can neutralize the energy.  

Science is now beginning to prove this.

 In his book, The Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton, PhD, presents scientific discoveries about the biochemical effects of the brain’s functioning that show that cells of your body are affected by your thoughts.  This doesn’t mean that you have control over this.  Most of the ‘thoughts’ that we ‘think’ are happening beyond our conscious mind and the negative cellular memories are the driving force that keeps those thoughts in place.

 In his book, Love Your Disease, It’s Keeping You Healthy, Dr John Harrison, describes the process by which we internalize messages from our parents, siblings and others in the womb and our early childhood years. These subconscious messages form the basis of our identity and predispose us to illness.

 Even more detailed information is coming out now that indicates that how the individual interprets the experience can create specific symptoms in the body or impact specific areas of our physiology.  German physician, Ryke Geerd Hamer, spent years researching and documenting with great specificity the connection between trauma and physical illness. He calls his finding German New Medicine.  

Bummer! Now what do I do?

 This may seem discouraging or may even seem to condemn you to a life of misery. But that is not the case.  These ‘subconscious memories’ can be healed and resolved.  By healing them and resolving them, you can recapture the essence of who you truly are without the taint of your negative conditioning. When that happens, you can not only ‘heal’ your body, but discover joy and happiness and fulfillment from within. You can reclaim your power back from the events, situations and people who you gave your power to in your childhood out of a need to survive.

 This knowledge gives us the opportunity to explore, heal and resolve the impact our past experience has had on us.  With the proper tools, we can use this information to heal our bodies, our hearts, our emotions and our minds. 

Wow! How do I do that?

 I have studied and worked in this field for 35 years. I am not a doctor or psychiatrist. I have no medical credentials.  I am a woman who suffered from fibromyalgia for many years.  I was one who heard many times, there is nothing wrong with you.  Or it is all in your head.  I know the pain of that.  I know how helpless I felt and how you must feel when you hear that.  I even resisted and fought this line of thinking for many years.

 I was so determined to heal myself, that I made it my life purpose and my life mission.  I searched and explored and learned and experimented.  Over time, I learned to use this information to help me to rebuild my health.

 Several years ago, working with The Healing Codes process discovered by Dr Alex Loyd, changed the trajectory of my life.  For most of my life, I felt like I had a ball and chain attached to my leg.  I felt like I was moving through molasses in doing anything.  Life was just plain hard. And even when I did succeed at anything, it was never sustainable, and I would always find myself right back in the same hole of despair.

 After working with a Healing Codes Coach for about 4 months, I felt a shift.  It was as though someone unlocked the ball and chain and the molasses went away.  The memory that was connected with this was simply the memory of my depressed mother’s energy that I had absorbed from conception through early childhood.  Once that ‘cellular memory’ was neutralized, the cloud of doom that had always hung over my head was clearing.

Insomnia is one of the things that has improved tremendously for me.  I generally have a good nights sleep now and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.  This is a far cry from tossing and turning all night or waking after two ours of sleep and unable to get back to sleep.  Waking up in the morning feeling like I had been hit by a mac truck.  Wishing I could just die because I didn’t want to face another day of pain and fatigue.  

This put me on a different path to healing from what I had been on.  I understood more clearly the impact of my upbringing and began to focus more on healing my relationship to that.  I found that using the Healing Codes was a powerful component to my recovery program.  Now I blend re scripting my childhood conditioning and healing emotional wounds with giving the body essential care, supporting my body to detox, supporting my body in re-balancing and repairing itself, and expressing my purpose in the world.  Life is getting better all the time. 

 Now, to answer your question . . . . How use this knowledge to rebuild our health.

There are many approaches to resolving cellular memories.  I have discovered that it is most efficient to blend the approaches.  Some work strictly on the cellular memories themselves. Some work on the mind.  Some work on the emotions.  Some work through the body.  I have found that working on the mind, emotions, body and cellular memories together create the quickest and most in-depth results.

The mind holds negative beliefs that we adopted.  The emotional body is filled with trapped and suppressed emotions that we didn’t feel safe enough to experience.  The cellular memories hold the energetic imprint.  The physical body holds the symptoms and sensations of the matrix created by the mind, emotions and energy body.

I have created a free mini-course called “Six Steps to Resolve Hidden Stressors to Enhance your Health” that introduces you to the process.  I would suggest starting with the mini-course and continue reading my blogs to educate yourself about the process.  By practicing the suggestions in the mini-course, you can begin to identify and neutralize cellular memories.

 In some ways it is a simple process, but some find it difficult because the psyche creates a defensive boundary around the ‘wound’ to keep you safe.  That same boundary can make it tricky to access the ‘memory’ to neutralize it.  If you get stuck help is available.

 Honestly, after 30 years of struggling with my health, embracing this focus has helped me to improve my health like nothing else has.  Rather than chasing symptoms and taking volumes of supplement (or drugs) to manage the symptoms, many of my symptoms have disappeared to never return.  Others are improving.  Once upon a time, fibromyalgia had me by the throat.  I felt powerless against it. Now, I feel like I am in the driver’s seat.  I have hope that I can heal fully and completely.

 I sincerely hope, in my heart, that others will join me on this journey.  I am here to support anyone that would like to learn how to apply this to their own lives and reclaim their health.

 So, sign up for my free mini-course and get started today.  Ask for help if you need it!

 From my heart,