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Integrative Movement

Free Online Chair Yoga Experience

 Using Movement, Awareness and Breath

to Reconnect with, Nourish, Recharge and Regenerate Your Body.

“The body is designed to heal itself given what it needs.”


This may seem like a meaningless statement, but this one statement holds the power and secret to being able to rebuild your health.

We have long been conditioned to give our power away.  We look outside of our self for solutions to our problems.  Yet, we have resources within that contain much power and ability that is hardly ever recognized or used.

In this workshop, we will explore untapped resources within and discover how to use them in rebuilding our health.


We are energy; our bodies are energy 

Einstein proved that with the simple equation M=mc2.

A simple explanation of Einstein’s equation, E = mc squared, is that small amounts of mass are equivalent to huge amounts of energy. Einstein’s equation was revolutionary because it showed that matter and energy were different sides of the same thing.

More simply stated.  Our body is a solid but also a huge body of energy.


How do we access and use that energy to rebuild our health?

Ancient yogis were able to access and use their energy to regenerate their bodies.  We can do the same.  It is rather simple.   The primary thing that gets in the way is our mind and our beliefs.  We have been taught that we are small and powerless.  We need someone else to solve our problems for us.  That is not true.


The true spirit of yoga

Too often today, many who teach yoga are missing the true power of yoga.  Yoga has been reduced to the physical posture but is missing its true power.

The true practice of yoga is about harnessing our energy and uniting our body, mind, heart and spirit to nourish, recharge and rebuild the body.

The breath brings energy (prana, chi, the force) into the body.  When you focus your attention on your body while breathing deeply, you are flooding the area you focus on with energy, healing energy.  When you practice yoga with this focus, in addition to toning the muscles, you can heal on a deeper level the emotional body, the mental body and connect with your spiritual essence.

In this workshop you will be guided through an experience of simple movements while breathing and aligning the breath with the movement.  You will be taught how to discover the integrative edge; how far to move the body into a stretch to get the maximum benefit.  You will discover how when holding the movement/posture at the integrative edge, while breathing and focusing on the tension held in the body, that the tension will release and the energy in the body will be allowed to move one again.


The energy flow in the body is a piece of the puzzle in rebuilding your health

The flow of energy in your body, feeds and nourishes your body.  Freeing the flow of energy in the body is a primary piece in rebuilding your health.  Rebuilding your health is like putting a puzzle together.  Each piece or work whether it be diet, exercise, supplements, lifestyle changes, inner work, etc adds a piece to the puzzle.


My Experience with Yoga

I feel very blessed that yoga was part of my life.  Even living with extreme pain, practicing yoga kept my body strong, healthy and flexible.  I also developed Presence or Witness Consciousness through the practice of yoga.  This helped me to be more present and less reactive to situations in my life.  It helped me to unravel the mental and emotional pieces of my illness.  It has been my constant companion for 40 years.  I feel blessed.   


Benefits of Integrative Movement – Chair Yoga

  • Can reduce chronic pain
  • Increased relaxation in body and mind
  • Improved relationship with your body
  • Can promote quality of sleep
  • Increased sense of well being
  • Increased flexibility and balance
  • Improve breathing
  • Can reduce stress
  • Can improve mental clarity and focus 

The movements we will be doing are gentle and easy.  You will be guided to always be aware of your body and honor and respect the limitations in your body.  Gently approaching limitation with breath and awareness can reduce tension.  Attempting to push beyond limitations is not helpful.

This workshop is offered for educational purposes only.  You are reminded to take full responsibility for your experience and follow the guidance of your health practitioners.


To experience this for yourself, join me on January 29 for the free online webinar.


Click here for more information. 

I hope to see you there,