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Pain is the name of the game

Fibromyalgia is a painful challenging illness.  We have physical pain, emotional pain and mental pain.  It disrupts our lives and can steal all that we hold dear.

How can we move beyond the pain?

For years, I fought the fibromyalgia.  I pushed beyond the pain trying to out smart it, to move beyond it.  Eventually, with this approach, I collapsed and made myself even worse.  That didn’t get me anywhere. I changed my strategy.  I began to listen to my body.  I learned to surrender to the limits my body set on me.  I began to listen to my heart to hear the emotional pain underneath the physical pain.

Listening to my own pain, was an act of self-love

As I continued to listen and be present with myself and the pain, I began to create a relationship with my inner self.  I stopped the inner struggle between my heart and my mind.   My mind would push me to achieve externally.  My heart wanted rest and comfort.

Honoring all parts of myself

As my process continued, I learned to create balance between the warring parts of myself.  I learned to hear and nurture the frightened, vulnerable part of my self.  I learned when to work, when to rest.  I learned when to give way to the productive side of my that felt fulfilled through work or hobbies.

In the process I became whole

By hearing all parts of my being, and giving each part of me attention and a voice, I became more whole.  I was more balance and fulfilled.  I didn’t need the pain screaming at me to stop and rest or to give myself some nurturing attention.  The pain subsided.  I am more at peace within myself.

Guidance from within.

If the pain flares up, I need to stop and listen to my heart.  What is out of balance?  What am I missing?  Where do I need to go?  What do I need to do?  Guidance comes, I listen, I apply.  Balance returns.

Life is good.