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Discovering Underlying Causes of Health Challenges

Last week’s blog talked about the possible causes of a symptom.  Yet, it raises the next question:  If the underlying cause of a symptom can be from many possible causes, how do I determine the underlying causes of my symptoms?  

Discovering and resolving the underlying causes of a symptom, takes some detective work.  As a Wellness Coach, I have many tools with which to discover the underlying causes of symptoms. 

When working with a new or potential client, I have them fill out an intake form and then do a Discovery Session.  During this session, we review the intake form and I ask more questions to draw them out.  I specifically look at many of the things in the previous article, such as:

  1. Diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Childhood history
  4. Traumas
  5. Relationship status
  6. Work and lifestyle factors
  7. Current life stresses
  8. Weight, sleep, digestion
  9. Family history
  10. Onset of symptoms 

By the end of the session, I have a pretty good idea of some of the underlying causes and where to go next to get more information. 


Diet is an important factor

This is true even for people who think they are eating well.  There are many diets on the market, hundreds of books, masses of information on the web, many beliefs about what is and isn’t healthy, diets for various illness, and of course the latest fads.    It can be confusing and difficult to determine what is right or you.  

After working with various dietary approaches for numerous years, I came across the Metabolic Typing Diet approach by William Wolcott.  There are three unique things about his approach to diet that make all the difference in the world.  First, each person is unique, so one dietary approach isn’t right for all people.  Second, it is important to treat the person first, not the disease.  Second, it is important to learn to listen to your body so that you can tailor the diet to your unique needs.  An in-depth questionnaire is needed to identify the person’ type and then some coaching session to support the individual in integrating the recommended foods into their diet and how to read the signs in the body to further customize the diet to their unique needs.  

The food you put in you mouth is more important than the supplements that you take for insuring improving your health.  You can spend lots of money on supplements, but if your diet isn’t right, your health may still be compromised. 



Moving the body is important.  Understanding what blocks us from exercising is just as important.  Understanding the right exercise for your unique body type and health status is an additional factor to look at.  Too much exercise can be detrimental or not enough movement can be detrimental.  Discovering the right exercise for your body is the key.   Listening to your body and understanding its needs and limitations is important.    


Trauma, suppressed emotions, and unconscious beliefs.  

Even though the symptoms are in our body, there is a relationship between the body, mind and emotions that cannot be ignored.  When we are in a start of high anxiety, our body doesn’t get the rest it needs it cannot effective repair and rejuvenate the body.  The underlying cause of high anxiety is unresolved negative life experiences.  

Some traumas are apparent, but there are also traumas and negative life experiences that aren’t so apparent.  The subtle conditioning from childhood that we consider normal can be just as detrimental to our health as a short-lived traumatic experience or a traumatic experience that has been buried in our subconscious memory.  

Discovering and resolving the traumas and changing our subconscious life negative, stressful beliefs is a process.  It is also life changing and in addition to an important factor in rebuilding our health, it also puts us on a path to greater happiness and fulfillment in our lives.     

The tools that I work with in discovering and resolving these traumas include Inner Presence Coaching and The Healing Codes.  Through a guided process of developing the ability to witness the mind and emotions and bringing the suppressed emotions and unconscious beliefs and memories into conscious awareness, resolution guided by your inner wisdom is natural and effortless. 


Lifestyle Review 

A lifestyle review from an outside objective trained perspective, identifies imbalances in lifestyle.  The next step is identifying and resolving blocks to making shifts to a more balance lifestyle.  The inner transformation process I described above, helps to identify and resolve the blocks.  


Hidden energetic and metabolic imbalances 

I also use a system called SpectraVision that provides a scan of the individual’s status in real time based on the principle that the body is designed to heal itself, given what it needs.  It provides information on imbalances in the body that are not readily detectable by the human mind.  The scan provides information about toxicity, emotional stresses, energy flow in the body, the ability of the body to detoxify, and possible causes of distress, emotional, physical, energetic or nutritional.  

The SpectraVision Scan is also used to create a treatment plan to rebalance the body and give it the support it needs to rebuild its health.  



Being more aware of your body and what triggers symptoms is also an important part of the discovery process.  You live with your body 24/7.  Your body is constantly giving your feedback and information.  Tuning into your body and understanding what it is telling you is an important process of rebuilding your health.  


Taking Control of Your Health

If you look at the 10 items I identified in my blog on Anatomy of a Symptom, you may notice that all these things are within your control.  You can resolve traumas.  You can eat a better diet.  You can feel your emotions.  You can identify and shift beliefs.  You can make lifestyle changes.  You can love yourself.  You can resolve energetic imbalances.  You can detoxify your body.  

Knowing what the imbalances are and how resolve them puts your health within your control.  It is empowering.  It does take a commitment to the process to learn how to do this, but once you know how, your health is in your hands.   And you will be able to stay healthy for a lifetime. 


May you reclaim and rebuild your health, 



Stay tuned.  Online workshops, coming in 2020, beginning on January 29, 2020.