My Healing Journey

I had symptoms of fibromyalgia many years before I had ever heard of it. It took me years to bring together the pieces, understand the progression of this syndrome, and then to reverse that progression into healing. I’d like to share my journey with you and what I have learned so that you can shorten your journey and travel with greater peace of mind and hope. 

My earliest symptoms began as leg cramps as a child.

I was told these were normal growing pains. I accepted this and set up a pattern where I believed that living in pain was normal and acceptable. Additional symptoms began, and by the time I was in my early twenties, I was miserable. I was in chronic pain, I couldn’t eat without severe abdominal spasms, I was tired all the time, and I suffered from depression, insomnia, anxiety, and brain fog. I was a compulsive eater and a sugar addict. I was a CPA but found no satisfaction in what I was doing and wasn’t dealing well with the stress of the corporate world. I knew I needed to make a major change in my life. So, I quit my job and spent a few months contemplating what I wanted to do with my life and what I needed to do to make the necessary changes in my physical, emotional, and mental health.  At the end of these months, I set off to find a way to heal myself naturally. I studied and worked with many different doctors, practitioners, and healing modalities. 

I was the Guinea Pig of alternative healing.

Some things helped, some things made me worse, some things had no impact. I totally immersed myself into whatever I studied and applied. I was determined to heal myself physically as well as find a sense of inner peace and fulfillment. 

I discovered that healing was not an event but a journey.

My journey has lasted many years and continues to evolve and unfold. I had to create balance in my body and heal the wounds in my heart. I had to excavate my mind and re-script my belief systems and discover the with the san diego landscaping at core values that have become the guiding light in my life. I have explored spirituality and reconnected with the divine within myself and allowed it to flow into all aspects of my life. I have learned to manage the mundane aspects of my life, discover the joys of living simply, and to savor the profound satisfaction of finding and living my life purpose. I have learned to feel and shift energy. I have discovered that life is a process of ever-increasing Integrative Wholeness. I have awakened, enlivened, and empowered my own inner wisdom. I love the process of growing and evolving and can’t imagine living any other way. 

In distilling all that I have learned, I believe in healing the person, not the dis-ease.

Each person is unique and their journey to healing is unique as well. Healing is like putting together a puzzle–finding the right pieces and putting them together in the right sequence. As the pieces of the puzzle are found and put together, balance is regained, health comes together, and peace is restored.

I still have challenges that I am working to overcome. I now have the confidence that I can overcome them. I know that I am on the road to healing–physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I have learned the importance of all aspects of our being. Healing the physical isn’t complete without healing the mind, emotions, and spirit–and vice-versa.

I now offer the benefit of my journey and what I have learned to others with the same challenge. I have distilled my years of exploration into a system of empowerment and healing. Perhaps I can shorten your journey and offer compassion, understanding, empowerment, laughter, joy, and support along the way.