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Today, I would like to explore the question, “What is Health?

Let’s begin by looking at possible definitions of health. Is health defined by your blood tests? Is health the absence of a diagnosable disease such as cancer, diabetes, or heart disease? These are certainly factors of health, but maybe health includes these factors and more.

Possibly, health is an overall state of well-being which includes physical strength, flexibility and vitality, emotional peace and calm, and mental focus and clarity.   For me good health also includes healthy supportive relationships, fulfilling and inspiring livelihood or hobbies, and simply the joy of being alive.

In today’s world many of us struggle with fatigue, obesity, take medication to manage symptoms of illness, have regular aches and pains, and lack vitality and enthusiasm for life. We are busy from morning to night and sometimes struggle to get through the day.   Where is the enthusiasm and joy in all of this?  And possibly, the real problem of this is that we think this is normal.

How can we shift from simply existing, surviving and struggling to living a life of joy, excitement and fulfillment . . . moment to moment?

Taking care of our body’s is one place to start. When you are eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise and adequate rest, your body has the resources and wisdom to heal itself. With that as a foundation, you can evaluate other lifestyle choices that nurture the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of ourselves. With adequate support in all areas of your life, life becomes a joy to be lived.