“Intention provides the template to a future not yet in manifestation”


For those of us with fibromyalgia and many other chronic illnesses, it can sometimes feel discouraging to work towards improved health.  We are told by the medical community that there is no cure, it is all in our heads, we need to learn to live with it, etc.


Set your intention

Years ago, my fibromyalgia was really bad.  It was so bad, that I could not imagine living my life this way.  I adopted the attitude that I could rebuild my health.  That attitude has been severely tested over the years.  At one point, I decided that I had to surrender to living with fibromyalgia for the rest of my life.  I thought I had tried everything.   Shortly after that, a friend suggested trying something and hadn’t heard about before.  It helped for a while, and more importantly, it opened a door for me.   I realized that new tools for healing were coming out every day and there was much that I did not know about.  I made a commitment to myself to always keep improving my health.  I am glad that I did as my health is greatly improved because of that.

By setting an intention to improve our health, we are telling God / Source / the Universe what we want to manifest.  We become co-creators with God / Source / The Universe, by setting the intention.  It can be amazing what shows up in one’s life after setting such an intention.


Asking the right questions

Along with setting an intention, is asking the right question.  How often do you ask the question, “Why do I feel so bad?” or “What’s wrong with me?” or “Why can’t I be healthy?”

What if instead you ask these questions, “How can I improve my health?”  or “Why is my health improving?” or “What’s new to learn about how to rebuild your health?”

If you only ask the questions about why you are not health, your will receive answers to those question, confirming that you are indeed unhealthy.  If you ask the question about how or why our health is improving, you will receive those answers.


“Ask and it shall be given”


Be conscious about what you ask, for that determines the answer you will be given.


Home Practice:

  1. Become conscious about your intentions. Are you thinking you will have fibromyalgia all your life and there is no way out of that?  Or are you willing to declare that it is your intention to rebuild your health?
  2. What questions do you ask? What kind of answers do you receive?
  3. Experiment with changing the questions and see what happens.


May your health and happiness grow,