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Inner Transformation

“Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.  Change the inner and the external world shifts”

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The Healing Codes

What Are The Healing Codes?

The Healing Codes is a form of energy healing that neutralizes the stress–past, present and future–that is created through our perceptions and held in the body and the energy field. The Healing Codes provide relief from the incidents that created the stress, whether spiritual, mental, emotional or physical. A client is given sequences of simple hand positions involving one or more of four healing centers. The energy coming from the client’s hands, attention, and intention is directed into the healing centers. This activates an energetic healing system that transforms negative memories and limiting beliefs.

The Healing Codes seem to cancel out the negative frequencies of memories and beliefs and replace them with positive energy frequencies. The Healing Codes are effective for changing limiting beliefs, addictions, traumas, PTSD, and other emotional and spiritual issues. As these destructive patterns heal, clients frequently tell us that their bodies are then able to heal themselves.


 “I feel I make more progress in a couple of hours with Bindu than I would in months of therapy.  The phone session with her is enlightening, and then I am left with some great tools to help me work through my issues afterward. 

In my work with Bindu, I had a dramatic reduction in fear, anxiety, and stress, improved sleep and enhanced physical health.  My relationships with my husband and daughter greatly improved because I am more “present” and not “checking out” of life and immersing myself in distractions from the fear and anxiety.  My relationship with God has never been better.”   Dawn, Murrieta, CA

Why do the Healing Codes?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Stanford University, and numerous health experts, the number one killer on the planet is stress. Up to 95% of all physical and nonphysical health problems have stress as their origin. Every time we have health problems we should be asking, “What stress is causing this, and how can I eliminate it?”

One primary source of our stress is limiting  beliefs—lies about ourselves and our world—that lodge in our hearts and control the way we see  everything around us and react to what we see.  The Healing Codes heal limiting beliefs in our hearts and relieve the stress stored in our bodies.

“Working with Bindu with the Healing Codes has been an amazingly wonderful and healing experience.  She was able to help me find memories in my past that have been affecting me on many levels for all of my life.  Three sessions with Bindu have allowed me to heal like no amount of therapy has!”    Barb, Dallas TX:


What does a Healing Code Session Include?

Healing Code sessions with Bindu include an inquiry process to discover the root of the stress that you are experiencing and a custom code that will address the issue.  When the root memory or issue is uncovered, the healing is the most impactful and effective.  You will also learn how to use The Healing Codes in your own healing practice.

 “When I started using the Healing Codes, I felt very stuck in my life and pretty hopeless about my future.  In doing the Healing Codes, I progressively healed painful memories and experiences from my past and in the process freed myself from a tendency toward depression that had felt like a ball and chain for most of my adult life.  I now am very hopeful and positive in my approach to life and my life is moving forward in the most amazing and effortless ways.  Life for me has become a joy and an adventure.  I was so impressed with the process, I chose to do the training so that I could share this amazing tool with others.”  Bindu Johnson, Tryon NC

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