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When I first learned about fibromyalgia, I was excited . . . and then disappointed.

After 20 years of suffering, there was a name for what was going on with me.  I thought that meant that it could be cured.  I was sorely disappointed.  I found that just because there was a name for what was wrong with me, didn’t mean that anyone knew how to heal it. 

I wanted to be healthy.

So, I pulled up my bootstraps and began applying what I had learned in my explorations of holistic health and consulted with holistic practitioners.  By that time, I had given up on medical doctors as they had nothing to offer me that made any significant difference.  In pulling it all together, I came to a place where I could manage my symptoms, but not make any real progress on completely eliminating them.   I wanted more.  I wanted to be healthy and not live within the limitations of having fibromyalgia.  I felt like I was living in a box and had to carefully manage my life to maintain a manageable level of pain and fatigue.  

Managing my symptoms wasn’t enough.

My search continued.  I slowly began unraveling the underlying causes of my dis-ease.  Piece by piece, I began to resolve physical, mental, emotional, expression and spiritual imbalances that were keeping my stuck, unhappy and sick.    Realizing that there was not one thing that would fix or heal what was wrong with me, I coined the term the Fibromyalgia Matrix.


Fibromyalgia Matrixtm

The Fibromyalgia Matrix is the interweaving and interconnected physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual imbalances that underlies the experience of fibromyalgia.  Each person’s matrix is unique to them, just like a fingerprint is unique.  The Fibromyalgia Matrix creates chaos physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically.  No foundation, no stability, impaired function, chaos, nothing to stand or build on.  Sound familiar? 

Recovery from fibromyalgia! 

Recovery from fibromyalgia is a process of identifying and resolving these imbalances.  It is quite like putting a puzzle together.  You find the right pieces and put them together in the right sequence.  Out of chaos comes order and improved function.  As the pieces of the puzzle are found and put together, symptoms go away, health emerges, and peace is restored.  

Rather than chase symptoms, we find and resolve the underlying imbalances.  That is the path to creating true health on all levels. 

The 8 fold process 

By moving through the 8-fold process I spoke about last week, we can unravel the Fibromyalgia Matrix, and progressively rebuild our health, reclaim our life, rediscover our joy and align with our purpose.    True health is much more than the elimination of physical symptoms.  It is embracing the totality of who we are, body, mind, emotions, energy and spirit with love and compassion and reclaiming our uniqueness and our gifts and living successfully, powerfully and joyfully in the world. 

Online Kaleidoscope Healing Circle to the Rescue!

That my friends, is what I am about.  Are you ready to join me in this grand adventure?  I hope so.  That is why I am starting the Online Kaleidoscope Healing Circle on July 9.  In this group, we can come together to heal individually and collectively.  I’m excited about this.  I hope you are too.  

Next week, look for more information about the Online Kaleidoscope Healing Circle. 

Until then, sending you healing energy to begin the process,