Power of the Breath

A Four Week Guided Breathing Experience

Connect to a Calm, Grounded Center Within

Transform Your Life

Do you find yourself tossed around by life events?

Do you feel out of control of your body?

Do you fight negative thinking, anxiety, and/or depression?

Are you try to keep up with a life that feels overwhelming?

What if you operated from a calm grounded center?

What if you could respond instead of react?

What if your body was a source of information, a friend, and ally . . . instead of something to avoid?

What if you were in touch with your inner needs? 

What if you had a loving, compassionate relationship with yourself?  

Your breath is a powerful tool

It is available every minute of every day.

Breath awareness and slow deep breathing can:

  • Infuse the body with oxygen and energy
  • Relax the body and mind
  • Reduce pain and tension
  • Improve memory and clarity of mind
  • Promotes improved sleep
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Increase self awareness
  • Increase mindfulness


Years ago, soon after I had begun taking yoga classes, I was sitting cross legged on the floor.  My back was rounded and my knees practically beside my ears.  As I observed my body, I had a AHA moment.  I realized that until that moment I had lived my life as a mind running around in circles.  I was mostly unaware of my body and lived in a state of depression and anxiety run by my mind and emotions.  I was both shocked and amazed.

Years later, during my time at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, I learned the Power of the Breath.  I learned how to breath properly for the first time in my life.  As I continued to practice being aware of my breath and breathing more deeply and freely, I experienced the power of the breath.

Here are some ways that being aware of my breath and deepening my breath has changed me.

    • I am no longer just a mind running in circles.
    • I am aware of my body and my surroundings
    • I am more present in my life and with friends and family
    • I have greater acceptance of others with different opinions and beliefs
    • I feel a consistent connection with a sense of calm within
    • I am more relaxed as I move through my day
    • I no longer suffer from severe depression and anxiety
    • My body is flexible, strong and moves freely  
    • I sleep deeply and soundly
    • My health has vastly improved
    • I no longer have brain fog; my mind is clear and focused
    • I can easily identify when I am triggered and unravel the underlying causes

I have done more than breathe to achieve these results.  Yet the simple awareness of breath and deepening of my breath has been the foundation for these changes.

In the Power of the Breath program, I teach the basic breathing techniques that I have used for the last 30 years as a foundation for my own healing and transformation and how to integrate them into your life. I hope you will join me.

Ready to Access Your Breath?

What participants are saying . . .

At first, I was a little skeptical that a program focused on breathing – which seems so simple! – could have a deep impact on my thinking and emotions.  Within a couple weeks of starting the program, I noticed that I was able to connect more deeply to my body and my sense of self, which gave me a greater sense of peace and well-being. 

Doing so also gave me a fuller connection to my emotions and particularly my emotional needs – what I most appreciated from others and what I was most lacking.   I then communicated some of these insights to loved ones from whom I had felt disconnected for a long time.  I did not even believe it would be possible to restore a deep connection with them.  But, to my surprise, they showed respect for my emotional needs, acknowledged how they had not been meeting them, and began visibly showing their appreciation for me.  I, in turn, became more understanding and compassionate towards the difficulties they faced.  

While I know that it is an ongoing journey, it has been a gratifying experience and I appreciate the tools this program gave me to reconnect, restore, and resolve, both with myself and others.  Above all, I recommend this program because it is a unique blend of practices and tools, based on Bindu’s training and life experiences, but it is also tried and true and accessible to all – I believe that no matter what reasons bring you to the program, you will benefit if you engage with it.


North Carolina

The 5 Course Modules

The 5 Modules are designed to gently guide you through a process of reconnection with your breath.

By reconnecting with your breath and accessing a calm center you can transform your life experience.

 Module 1

The Power of Breath Awareness

The breath is a super power

Module 2

Deepening the Breath

Experience the Healing Power of the Breath

Module 3

Expanding the Breath

Expanding the Healing Power of the Breath

Module 4

The Breath in Every Day Life

Discover how breathing can transform your life experience

Module 5

Review and Celebration

Gounding and reinforcing the practice and benefits

During my years of taking classes with Bindu I learned how to watch and deepen my breath.  I was a guidance counselor at Columbine High School at the time of the shooting in 1999.  After the shooting, I applied what I had learned from Bindu about how to use the breath and taught it to the traumatized students who came to me. It was highly effective in helping us move through the after effects of this tragic event.

Susan Peters

Student Counselor, Columbine High School

Ready to Access Your Breath?

Here is What’s Included . . .

3 Recorded Guided Experiences

Be expertly guided into a progressive breathing experience 

Downloadable PDF Teachings

Discover how to use the breath to transform your daily life.

3  Guided Recorded Mini Breaks

Guided breathing mini breaks to break up your day. 

4 Daily Practice Guidelines

Easy to follow steps to integrate the breath into your daily life.

4 Self Inquiry Worksheets

Get to know yourself better through self inquiry. 

Chat Feature

Ask questions, receive support through chat with each lesson.

Bindu has a special gift when it comes to yoga, inner presence, and breath. She is able to hold presence, guide, and bring heightened awareness to each of my yoga and inner presence sessions with her. She has over 30 years of experience that really pulls everything together. I am grateful for her nurturing guidance. I had the great honor to be one of the first people to go through her new program “Reclaim Your Power”. This program is one of best programs around. If you are looking to reclaim your power this is it! It has made a big difference in my life. I pay much more attention to my breathe, especially when I am stressed. When I apply the breathe, relax, feel, watch, and allow techniques when uncomfortable feelings come up, they just seem to melt away. It takes effort to learn but it’s well worth the journey. I look forward to more programs and instruction from Bindu.

Kelly Klan

Owner, Intuitive Health Restoration

Ready to Access Your Breath?

 Presenter:  Bindu Johnson

30+ years ago, I stepped into a journey of Self discovery.  At the time I was a few years out of college progressing in my career as an auditor in a CPA firm.   Yet, I was miserable.  I had multiple physical, mental, and emotional symptoms including fatigue, relentless pain, severe IBS, interstitial cystitis, brain fog, anxiety, and depression (later diagnosed as fibromyalgia).   I was a compulsive eater and sucked in relationships.  I quit my job and began looking for solutions to my health and for inner peace.

Within a few years, my journey took me to Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, where I remained for 6 years as a resident staff member.  In my study and practice of yoga, I was introduced to the Power of the Breath.  Since that time, my breath has been my constant companion and has anchored me in a way that I have been able to transform my life.  

By maintaining my breathing practice and integrating it into my life, I have been able to transform my health, my life and find the Inner Peace that I was searching for.  I discovered a Presence deep within myself that is the source of Peace, Fulfillment, Contentment, Wisdom, Clarity, Power and so much more.

The Power of the Breath Program is a step by step guided process to integrate this powerful tool into your life.

I hope you will join me in this amazing journey.

Registration and Practicalities

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