I suspect that surrender to what is can be one of the most difficult things a person with fibromyalgia can do. It certainly was for me. For years I denied, fought, and tried to ignore the limitations that fibromyalgia had over my body and my life.

Finally I was pushed into submission. All the fighting, denying and ignoring wasn’t working. I had to accept the reality of what was happening in my body and the limitations that it imposed on my life.

Surrender was the best thing I ever did. I don’t mean surrender as in giving up. I mean surrender as in accepting the reality of fibromyalgia and the limitations that it imposed upon me and my life.

It was only then that I could truly begin to heal. From a space of acceptance, I could explore, experiment and discover ways that I could rebuild my health.

I had to open my heart to myself and treat myself with love, compassion and acceptance as I was, fibromyalgia, messiness and all, before I could truly heal.

Join me in the power of surrender and experience how empowering it truly is.

May you surrender and discover the true power of Love, ❤️Bindu