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Tomorrow we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. 

Some would also call this the birth of the Christ Consciousness on the planet.   It is a day of great celebration and remembrance. 


Jesus was the living embodiment of unconditional love.

Jesus exemplified the personification of unconditional love, compassion and connection to God.  He demonstrated to us the unconditional love and compassion that we all crave.   He also reminded us that we have the ability to personify that love and compassion within our own heart and in our interactions with others. 


We have forgotten that we are love.

Many have failed us in holding us with unconditional love and compassion.  As a result of this, we have forgotten that we are lovable and worthy.   We also have forgotten that at our core, we are love.  The celebration of Christmas is a reminder for us to open our hearts to ourselves and others; to remember the legacy of unconditional love that Christ imprinted upon planet earth. 


Let’s impregnate our own heart with unconditional love. 

As you read this message, take a few moments to breathe deeply, place your hand on your own heart and say the words, “I Love You” to yourself.  Repeat this for a few minutes.  Opening your heart to receive this message and the love that it offers.  Breathe deeply and allow yourself to take this in. 

Love any parts of yourself that feel that they aren’t worthy of such love and compassion along with the parts that do.  I am here to remind you that you are worthy of love and compassion . . . even the parts of you that you deem unlovable or unforgivable.  Breathe and take this in.  You are a being of love who has forgotten who you are. 


Let’s share that love and compassion with others

As you fill your heart and being with this love, take a moment to bring to mind those that you love and send them a silent message of unconditional love and compassion.  Silently remind them that they are lovable.  They too are a being of love who has simply forgotten who they are.  Surround them with unconditional love and acceptance. 

Now bring to mind someone who challenges you or pushes your buttons.  Take a few moments to send this person a silent message of unconditional love and acceptance.  Reminding them that they are a being of love who has forgotten who they are.  Send them a wish of peace and forgiveness. 

Allow your awareness to expand to embrace the entire planet, including all beings, humans, animals, birds, insects, plants and more.  Hold the planet, your home, and all its inhabitants with unconditional love and acceptance.  Remind yourself that everyone deserves more love, not less.  Even those that you deem unworthy of love.  Remember that they too are beings of love who have forgotten who they are. 


This is honoring the Spirit of Christmas. 

This is the legacy that Christ birthed on this planet.  The future of planet earth as one people living in peace and harmony with abundance, love and prosperity for all. 


My blessings to you on this beautiful celebration of light and love,



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