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Honoring your Uniqueness

You are unique. Your hair color and texture, your eyes, your body, your mind, your emotions, your gifts, the way you express in the world. Your likes and dislikes. They way your body digest and assimilate foods. The way you respond to stress. How you interpret the world. There is no one in the world who is exactly like you. You are a unique creation. There never was and never will be anyone exactly like you.

Just like a garden with various flowers, the flowers are each unique and have their own special place as part of the whole. Like a forest with trees, shrubs, flowers, grasses, insects, birds, animals. The beauty of the forest is a blend of all the unique expressions within the forest.

Like an orchestra with many different instrument and even more unique individuals playing the orchestra. Each is unique and combine with the others contribute to a beautiful concert.

On our planet exist billions of individuals. Each individual is completely unique. Yet, we all share in the truth that we are all human. If we are carbon copies of one template, the world would be very boring.

No person is any better or worse than any other person. Each person, because they are unique expressions of consciousness, has a unique place on this planet. Each person has unique needs. Biological needs, emotional needs, psychological needs spiritual needs.


Each person’s journey to health is unique

There is no one treatment for fibromyalgia that will work for everybody. Every person’s journey to health and well-being is as unique as the individual.

I get asked, how do you treat fibromyalgia pain. I cannot answer that question. In order to answer that question, I would need to identify the imbalances in the individual asking the question. Health and life challenges are cause by a combination of factors that need to be identified and resolved from the inside out. Out side in is trying to change the symptoms without addressing the underlying imbalances.


Underlying factors in health and life challenges

There are common areas that need to be evaluated for balance or imbalance. The physical body, the emotional body, the mind, the energy body and life expression. An imbalance or imbalances in any of these areas contribute to the experience of fibromyalgia. And there are always imbalances in each of these areas. Let us look more deeply at this.

Physical body factors:

  • Poor diet – some of the important pieces to understanding diet include quality and quantity of food and eating the right foods that match your body’s unique needs. Some people need more animal protein, some need more grains. Each body is unique. There is not one diet that works for everyone.
  • Exercise – We need to look at what kind of exercise, how much exercise and what is the right exercise for your body’s unique needs.
  • Toxicity – we live in a toxic world. There are toxins in the environment, cleaning products, food, toiletries and cosmetics. There are also natural toxins from the body’s metabolic processes. We need to look at your body’s ability to release toxins.

Emotional body factors:

  • Trauma- physical, emotional, mental, energetic or spiritual.
  • Negative childhood experiences
  • Enculturation from parents, school, spiritual and religious institution
  • Societal conditioning
  • Inherited traumas and tendencies
  • Suppressing our aliveness and unique gifts.

Mental Body factors:

  • Rigid thinking
  • Conditioned mental positions
  • These are closely linked to the emotional body factors.

Expression/Lifestyle factors:

  • Stress in relationships
  • Overwork – no balance in rest, relaxation and work activities.
  • Stress in family
  • Financial stress
  • Most of these stresses are caused by the emotional and mental body factors.

For each person with fibromyalgia or any other chronic illness there is a unique blend of these underlying “causes”. I is what I call the fibromyalgia matrix. Everyone’s matrix is different. That is why there is no one cure for fibromyalgia or any other chronic illness. Rebuilding your heath is a progressive process of identifying and resolving the underlying causes.


You are a unique expression of the Divine

You are a unique and beloved expression of the Divine. You have forgotten that. Your body is a temple of the Divine and deserves to be treated with reverence, given the right foods. You heart is a beautiful expression of the Divine and deserves absolute love and respect. Each emotion that you feel is valid and deserved to be respected and honored. Each soul centered desire is important and needs to be embraced.

We do not give our body, heart, emotions and soul centered desires the love and respect that they deserve. We look outside of our self for love, yet that love lives within us. We are the love we seek. We are the ones who can give ourselves the unconditional love that we deserve. We are the ones who can chose to take excellent care of the body with right foods and exercise. We are the ones to make lifestyle choices that support or health and well-being. We are the ones who can look at and unravel the hidden emotional wounds, trauma and negative condition that keep our spirit captive and unexpressed.


You have the power to rebuild your health

We have the power to rebuild our health, reclaim our life, rediscover our joy and align with our purpose.

This is the journey to physical health but also to peace in the heart, clarity of mind, and abundance of energy and connection to a higher power, God, Consciousness.

What blocks our journey are the same imbalances we strive to resolve. In a sense parts of our self are working against our efforts to health our self. Our traumas and wounds are carefully guarded by repressing our emotions and the adopted mental positions needed to survive at the time the wounds were created. Yet, these same protective parts keep us in a cage of unending misery and unfulfillment once their usefulness has expired.

Another thing that blocks our journey is not knowing how to proceed in the direction of healing. A great deal of health information is based on an outside-in fix. Resolving the imbalances is an inside-out job; doing the inner work to resolve the external manifestations. The outside-in fixes may give temporary relief of symptoms but will not give lasting resolution and a deeper sense of peace and well-being. They can be used along with the inside-out work to relieve symptoms until they are no longer needed.


Getting support

What I offer is a process of exploring and resolving the imbalances on all levels. Please stay tuned, listen, read and use what resonates for you. Watch for upcoming group programs so we can support each other in our transformation.


Awareness Practice

  • Review the list above and become aware of what areas of your life include imbalances.
  • Take some time to list the imbalances that you are aware of.
  • Breathe. Know that awareness is the first step to healing
  • Relax. Know that this is a journey, not an event.
  • Intention. Create the intention to improve your health and well-being on all levels.
  • Allow the process to unfold. Form follows intention.


May you be whole and discover dynamic physical health, along with peace and fulfillment.