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Beyond Fibromyalgia™

A new perspective on fibromyalgia 

Consider, for a moment, the possibility that fibromyalgia is a phase or stage in your life that you can move beyond.  What if fibromyalgia is a wake up call; your spirit’s way of getting your attention to move you beyond all that holds you back in life to become the person you were destined to be?

What if life is a process of Integrative Wholeness™, that it is time for you to move into the highest expression of who you really are step by step?

What if true healing deals with more than just alleviating the physical symptoms, but that you are composed of separate dimensions – physical, emotional, mental, expression, spiritual and energetic – and your mission is to balance and integrate each of these dimensions back into a whole.

Integrative Wholeness™ is an 8 fold process designed to empower you in this process of healing, transformation and evolution.  In the Integrative Wholeness™ process, each dimension of your being is addressed, balanced and integrated into the whole.  The result is improved physical health, greater emotional stability, improved mental clarity and focus, an internal sense of well-being, increased ability to manifest your dreams and desires, a greater sense of purpose, and a highly tuned internal compass to guide you in your life.


  • Heal the Heart (emotional)
  • Balance the Body (physical)
  • Harness the Mind (mental)
  • Enhance Your Expression (relationships, career, finances, and passions/hobbies)
  • Reconnect to Spirit (spiritual)
  • Strengthen Your Energy (energetic)
  • Reawaken Your Innate Intelligence
  • Align with Your Core Values

Stay tuned for more details on the fulfillment of your destiny of becoming the highest version of yourself that you every dreamed of.    The upcoming Kaleidoscope Online Healing Circle is the first step.  

Starting July 9th

Online Kaleidoscope Healing Circle

  • Every Tuesday
  • Alternates between Tuesday evening and afternoon
  • Online via phone or zoom.

Includes: Yoga, gentle movement, self-inquiry, energy healing, guides experieces, empath training, inner presence, sound healing and more.

Stay tuned for sneak previews and more information.

Until next week,