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Beyond Fibromyalgia – Harness the Mind

Beyond Fibromyalgia is a comprehensive system of healing and balancing all aspects of who we are, including our body, emotions, mind, expression, spirit and energy.

The mind is a powerful tool when aligned with the heart and the soul.  But without this connection, it can become a deficit rather than an asset.

We have positive thoughts and negative thoughts. The thoughts we repeatedly think influence our emotions, our body, and our life experiences. There has been much talk in the world these days about positive thinking. By balancing the mind with the heart and the spirit, it can can uplift us and enable us to become more healthy, productive and fulfille.

Here are 8 steps to re-engage the mind as part of the whole.

  1. Hold the mind in the right perspective.
  2. Implement the steps to heal the body.
  3. Implement the steps to heal the heart.
  4. Gain awareness of your mental patterns
  5. Feed your mind healthy and nutritious foods.
  6. Shift negative mental patterns to positive life affirming mental patterns.
  7. Discover your innate core values
  8. Align your thinking, words and actions with your innate core values.


1.  Hold the mind in the right perspective.

The mind is a powerful tool for the heart and the spirit.  It is designed to take in, store, organize, and analyze information.  Through this process it can also offer solutions to challenges based on the data it has stored.   The mind does not in and of itself access the higher wisdom on the heart, spirit and divine wisdom.  That information needs to be accessed by the spirit and heart and fed to the mind.   If the mind is used as a tool managed by and in harmony with the heart and the spirit, it can be very resourceful and valuable tool.  But if the mind loses touch with the heart and spirit, it can become a fearful or demanding tyrant, standing in the way of all that your heart and spirit need to truly soar.

In our society, we tend to give the mind a higher accord than we do the wisdom of the heart and the spirit.  When we do that, we are missing part of the picture and are operating on the mind alone.  The mind will always base its advice on past experience whether good or bad.  The mind is also more closely linked to the ego and can easily see itself as a separate being and have difficulty seeing and taking in other perspectives and will even need to defend itself and its perspective.  We need to understand the true purpose, strengths and weaknesses of the mind to most effectively utilize its gifts to us.

Developing the ability to detach from the mind and witness it from the perspective of the heart and soul is the first step in truly harnessing the power of the mind.

2.  Implement the steps to heal the body.

If the foods that we feed our body are in harmony with our bio-individuality, our body chemistry is balance and the brain and body is receiving the nutrients that it needs to function properly.   Then the mind will be clear, focused and able to carry out its duties efficiently and effectively.   

If the bio-chemistry of the body is imbalanced through improper diet, poor exercise and other negative lifestyle habits, then the mind can be confused, cloudy, unsure, inefficient and ineffective.  Positive thinking will be challenging, connecting with guidance of the emotional and spiritual dimensions with be hampered.

Healing the body is an important step in healing the mind.

3.  Implement the steps to heal the heart.

The mind is subtly aware of the feelings and images stored in the heart.  When the emotional dimension is filled with negative cellular memories, the mind is impacted by these and tends to create stories to rationalize the feelings and actions generated by the negative cellular memories.  These stories get in the way of seeing a situation clearly and even thinking in a positive life affirmative way.

By healing the heart, we are also freeing the mind from the impact of the negative cellular memories.  When the emotional dimension is open and free and the energy in the body is moving freely, the mind is also more open, alert and in the present moment.   The mind can better hear and follow the messages of the heart and spirit when the heart is free and clear of static from suppressed emotions and negative cellular memories.

Healing the heart simultaneously supports healing the mind.

4.  Gain awareness of you mental patterns and beliefs

The mind and your beliefs are part of the lens through which we perceive the world.   Our thoughts and beliefs also direct the interpretation of the events, people and situations in our lives.  Those perceptions and interpretations impact the quality of our experience of life.  If we have a trusting positive perspective of life, we will have a positive experience of life.  If we have a negative untrusting perspective of life, we will have a negative experience of life.

We can use positive affirmation to assist in changing our perspective, but until we are fully aware of the underlying beliefs.  Saying affirmation can be like putting icing on a pile of shit.  It still doesn’t smell or taste so good.

Through introspection, journaling and meditation, we can become very familiar with our minds and our thought processes.  Through non-judgmental observation of our mind and the experience it creates for us, we can begin to understand the connection between the thoughts and beliefs and the impact of them on our life experience.  From disassociation with the mind, we can be free to be in a position to let go of the thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve us.  From this perspective, we can then begin to consciously choose our thoughts and belief systems.

5.  Feed your mind healthy and nutritious foods.

Just as there is healthy food for the physical body and the emotional body, there is healthy and unhealthy food for the mind.   Imagine spending your time engaging in uplifting, life affirmative positive activities and thought processed.  You have just fed your mind healthy food.

If we are constantly feeding our mind negative thoughts and images, we are fueling the negative beliefs and thoughts within ourselves.  If we feed our minds positive uplifting thoughts and images we are feeding the positive thoughts and beliefs within ourselves.

What we are feeding the mind with come back to us in our experience.  Just as if you sew the seed of a dandelion, you will get a dandelion.  If you sew the seed of a rose, you will get a rose.

We need to use discrimination not only on what we open ourselves to, but also in evaluation of what we see and hear.  We need to consciously decide if that is something that we want to believe in or not.  We actually do have that choice.  We can choose what we believe and what we do not believe.

6.  Shift negative mental patterns to positive life affirming mental patterns.

So far we have set a stable foundation through holding the mind in the right perspective, balancing our bio-chemistry, healing the heart issues, gaining awareness of our mental patterns and beliefs, and using discrimination on what we feed our minds.  With this foundation in place, our work with the next step will be more fruitful and enduring.

Awareness is a key factor in shifting our mental patterns.  We have been building that awareness through the first 5 steps; awareness of our thoughts and how they impact how we feel and what we experience in our lives.  Discrimination is another key factor.  Through awareness, we are able to begin to build the power of discrimination.

We use awareness and discrimination to evaluate our experience, our feelings and our belief systems.  We use choice to decide what to expose ourselves to and what thoughts and beliefs that we want do adopt.  We can begin to explore different ways of thinking and seeing how they feel to us.  We can begin to crowd out negative thoughts and beliefs with positive ones.

7.  Discover your innate core values

You innate core values are those that are in alignment with your Heart and Soul and with your Purpose or mission here on earth.

Discovering your innate core values is a result of the previous steps.  As you move through the first 6 steps, you will begin to naturally align your thinking with the thoughts and belief systems that are in alignment with your heart and soul.  You will feel when you are out of alignment with your Self, your heart and your soul.  You will begin to naturally be drawn to thoughts, values and beliefs that are in alignment with your heart and soul and purpose on earth.

8.  Align your thinking, words and actions with your innate core values.

Once you have gotten in touch with your innate core values, you will be drawn into alignment with those values on all levels, body, emotions, mind, expression and spirit.  Your thoughts, actions, feelings and expression with naturally come into harmony and alignment.

This is a large piece of what I term as Integrative Wholeness.  No longer are your thoughts in conflict with your feelings, words and actions.  “Everyone’(meaning the different aspects of you) is on the same page and working together harmoniously to manifest the life of your dreams and fulfillment in all areas of your life.

Benefits of harnesing the mind.

When we harness the power of the mind and align it with the wisdom of the heart and the soul, the mind becomes a powerful tool for good in our lives and in the world.  When you have this alignment, you become a very powerful individual and can begin to manifest your heart and soul centered desires that bring peace and fulfillment on all levels.

Enjoy your exploration of the mind. Until we meet again, may your thoughts reflect your inner beauty.