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Bindu has worked for over 45 years in small and medium sized businesses, beginning at the age of 15 in her father’s office.  Upon entering college, she enrolled in a two-year secretarial program.  Discovering that she had a natural aptitude for bookkeeping, she changed her major to accounting.  After three years as a CPA, she transitioned to meeting the bookkeeping, accounting, organizational, and marketing needs for area businesses.

A lover of yoga, Bindu launched her own yoga studio and holistic health center, operating it successfully for 10 years.  The skills she now offers her clients were what made that success possible.  Her long-term interest in yoga and meditation also bring a balanced perspective to her work, enabling her to work without stress, and to create harmony with her clients and within their work environment.

By adapting to the needs of her employers and clients over the years, she has developed a range of skills that are essential to the business owner.  With great insight, she is able to create more efficiency, organization, and effectiveness . . . maximum output with minimal effort.

From bookkeeping to marketing to research to project management, your needs are covered with Bindu’s skill and flexibility.

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