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Reconnect with Your Calm Inner Presence

Discover how women with fibromyalgia are diffusing anxiety and reclaiming their life. 

With Bindu Johnson

Founder of Beyond Fibromyalgia

Connect to Your Calm Inner Presence

Learn how to diffuse anxiety, relax the body, and connect with a calm inner presence in 15 minutes a day.

Date to be determined, 2023 – 7:00 p.m. EST on Zoom

Replay available


♥   Connection with a calm, clear, inner presence

♥   Mini-vacations from your monkey mind

♥   Reduction in stress and anxiety

♥   Reduction of physical pain and tension

♥  Improved sleep

♥  Discover how to move beyond blocks to your inner calm center. 

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Part 1

Zoom Session 1

♥  Understanding the powerful potential of the breath to calm, relax, energize and rejuvenate the body, emotions, mind and spirit.

♥  Enjoy a guided experience.

♥  Q&A to support you in getting the most benefit from your practice. 

Part 2

The Week Between

♥  A 15 minute recorded guided experience to be use daily.

♥ A 3 minute guided breathing break

♥ Support materials to enhance and deepen your experience

♥  Forum for questions and to share your daily experience.

Part 3

Zoom Session 2

♥  Question and answer session to review your experience with the daily practice.

♥  Guided experience.

♥  Guidance and support to personalize your practice and understanding how to navigate blocks to your Calm Inner Presence.

We all have a calm inner presence deep within.  By breaking up the chain of thoughts, we can connect with this part of ourself.  However, often when we attempt to watch our breath, we encounter our busy mind, uncomfortable emotions, or physical pain.  How to be with all that arises in a way that allows access to the calm inner presence is the focus of this experience.

Watching your breath and deepening your breath, can be more powerful and challenging than you might suspect.

When you begin to watch and deepen your breath, the body/emotions/mind begins to relax, release, and rebalance.  That may show up as temporary increased symptoms, like a busy mind, release of emotion or physical discomfort.

It is important to know how to pace your practice, find your integrative edge and consciously work with what arises to get the full benefit of the practice.  Without this, you may give up before receiving the benefit thinking that it isn’t working.

I have added the Q&A time and the private forum for questions so that I can assist you in this process.

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 About Bindu Johnson

30+ years ago, I stepped into a journey of Self discovery.  At the time I was a few years out of college progressing in my career as an auditor in a CPA firm.   Yet, I was miserable.  I had multiple physical, mental, and emotional symptoms including fatigue, relentless pain, severe IBS, interstitial cystitis, brain fog, anxiety, and depression (later diagnosed as fibromyalgia).   I was a compulsive eater and sucked in relationships.  I quit my job and began looking for solutions to my health and for inner peace.

Within a few years, my journey took me to Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, where I remained for 6 years as a resident staff member.  In my study and practice of yoga, I was introduced to the Power of the Breath.  By maintaining my breathing practice and integrating it into my life, I have been able to transform my health, my life and find the Inner Peace that I was searching for.  I discovered a Presence deep within myself that is the source of Peace, Fulfillment, Contentment, Wisdom, Clarity, Power and so much more.  Since that time, my breath has been my constant companion and has anchored me in a way that I have been able to transform my life.