The Breath and Reclaiming Your Power


One of our primary tools that we use to Reclaim Our Power is our breath. Our breath is the bringer of oxygen and energy into the body. It is also a bridge between the conscious mind and our Presence.

Presence is always with us.

We often do not recognize it because of the more engaging activity in the mind, emotions, and body. Our thoughts especially dominate our awareness, to the point that we actually think we are our thoughts. Yet in truth, we are much more than our thoughts. We have a physical body; we have emotions, and we have Presence.

Because our other parts become obscured by the mind, we can use the breath to take mini vacations away from the mind. The mini vacations can last a few seconds, a few minutes, or longer. It does not really matter. What matters is that we take the mini vacations. And the more often we do that the better.

Breath Awareness

For the next few days, we will simply focus on watching our breath and becoming more aware of our breath and our breathing patterns. Our focus on the breath has two purposes.

  1. Taking a mini vacation from the mind.
  2. To become more acquainted and connected with the breath.

When you begin with a breath awareness practice, it is very normal to lose the focus on the breath and become lost in thought. If you do notice that you are off in thought, just bring your attention back to watching the breath. That is all that is needed. The objective here is not to stop the mind. It is to watch the breath. It is to provide mini vacations away from the mind. It is to become more acquainted with the breath. You might find that you need to redirect your attention back to the breath many times. That is ok. The guided experience will be there to remind you and recall you back to watching the breath.

You might also notice that you are watching the breath and your mind is thinking. That is ok too. Celebrate that you have expanded your awareness to include your mind and your breath.

While you are watching the breath, do so with an attitude of curiosity. How and where do you breath? How do you know you are breathing? Become more acquainted with your breath, more connected to your breath. It is a valuable friend and ally.

Allow Relaxation

Allow an attitude of relaxation while you do this practice. You can invite your body to relax as you breathe. If you mind becomes anxious, assure it that it is safe, and there is not a right or wrong way to do this.

Questions? Join the Facebook Group

If you have any questions, please join the Facebook Group, Reclaim your Power Intro. Ask your questions or express your concerns there. This is also a place to share your insights and victories. I look forward to hearing about your experiences with this exercise.