Reclaim Your Power – Day 1: Introduction

As we move through life, we often feel tossed around by life events, family, our bodies, mind, and emotions. We fight negative thinking, anxiety, depression, physical symptoms and try to keep up with a life that feels out of control.

How do we stop the insanity and begin to reclaim our power? We go within. We begin to access the core of our being. We begin to build a loving compassionate respectful relationship with our Self. We become our own best friend and ally.

There lies within each one of us a still presence that is often not suspected or experienced.

We might experience glimpses of this Presence when we pause in awe as we gaze at a sunset.

Perhaps when our child was born, and we gazed at this miracle with a sense of fulfillment and unconditional love.

Maybe just watching a beautiful flower without thinking. In these moments, we felt complete and not wanting or needing anything.

The purpose of this course is to introduce you to this part of yourself and offer tools and techniques to help you to reconnect with Presence in your daily life. There are many names for it. We can call it our Higher Self, Presence, Witness Consciousness. For the purpose of this course, I will call it Presence or Witness Consciousness.

Presence is a valuable presence in our lives and includes the qualities of calmness, clarity, wisdom, equanimity, compassion, creativity, and connectedness. We can allow this part of us to guide us through our life and assist us in creating more harmony, health, groundedness, and peace in our daily lives. It can become a trusted guide as we navigate life’s challenges. It can be our anchor during our ups and downs.

In our inward journey, we will be meeting, acknowledging, and getting to know our body, breath, emotions, and mind. These ‘dimensions’ of who we are all infused with Presence and have great value to bring to our over all experience. As we reclaim our relationship with all ‘dimensions’ of who we are, we begin to feel whole.

Structure of the Course

Every third day, this course provides

  • A written lesson
  • A recorded voice guided experience
  • Simple tips for integrating Presence into your daily activities
  • A self-inquiry focus that gently, step by step guides you inward.
  • A recorded mini break
  • Additional helpful tips and handouts
  • Downloadable pdf’s and recording are available below or under the materials tab.


Today’s focus will include:

  • The Breath and Reclaiming Your Power
  • Self-inquiry as a Tool for Reclaiming Your Power
  • Daily practice suggestions for integrating Presence into your life
  • Self-Inquiry suggestions
  • About the Guided Experience (read before doing the experience)
  • 12-minute guided audio experience on watching the breath and connecting with the body.

Begin by reading the printed materials. And set aside 10-15 minutes once or twice per day to do the guided experience.

Facebook Group

I welcome you to the journey and am here to support you along the way.

Join the Facebook Group: Reclaiming your Power Intro for support from myself and your peers. Join us to share your experience and ask any questions you have.

May you be blessed with health and inner peace,