How to use this Program and the Guided Experiences

This is a comprehensive program with many parts that blend to create an integrative experience. To get the best results, read the printed materials first. They provide the background and foundation upon which the guided experiences, self-inquiry and home practice suggestions build.

This 21-day program is about creating a healthy relationship with your breath, body, emotions, mind, and Presence. Each module will focus on a different dimension and bring it all together into an integrative whole. The guided experiences are not moving the body, but creating awareness of the breath, body, mind, emotions, and Presence.

Written Lessons

  • The written lessons provide a conceptual understanding of the process.
  • The conceptual understanding does not replace the experience.
  • The guided experiences are designed to gently guide into the experience of Presence.
  • The written information is designed to help your mind be onboard with the experience.
  • For downloadable copies of each topic, click on the media link at top of page.

The Guided Experience

  • Each day you will receive a recorded guided experience. 
  • The experience will last about 10 -15 minutes. 
  • The focus of the Guided Experience will change with each module.
  • Each module will introduce you to another ‘dimension’ of who you are.
  • The focus is to observe and be with each dimension from a place of curiosity and interest.

To prepare for the experience

  • Find a place where you will be undisturbed for the full time of the experience.
  • You can do this sitting or lying down. 
  • Before turning on the recording, bring yourself into a comfortable sitting or lying position that you can stay in for 10-15 minutes. 
  • Take a few moments to allow your body to get comfortable; adjusting and moving as needed. 
  • Once the body is settled, let your eyes close. 
  • You can adjust and move your body anytime during this experience, if needed. 
  • As you proceed with this experience, always remember to listen to your body and never force your body to do anything that does not feel right.    You are always in control.  


  • The Guided Experiences and the Mini Breaks have a mild entrainment technology in the background. 
  • Each recording will be labeled with Alpha or Theta. 
  • Both entrainments assist in balancing the right and left hemispheres of the brain developing whole brain functioning. 
  • The alpha entrainment provides a light meditation and assists developing mental focus. 
  • The theta entrainment is a deeper meditation and opens creativity and artistic abilities. 
  • The earlier recordings use the alpha entrainment. 
  • The last two modules include an option to use the Theta entrainment.   

The Integrative Edge

  • In the second module, there is a handout regarding finding an Integrative Edge. 
  • Read that before doing the guided experience in that module.
  • The Integrative Edge is where you are growing, yet at a pace the you can integrate the experience.
  • This provides a smoother experience

The Facebook Group

I will be available in the dedicated Facebook Group, Reclaim Your Power, to answer questions and address any challenges that might arise during the program. Please join via this link. I will also be offering a free live zoom session with me once a month which will include a guided experience and time for questions.

May you be open to your full potential,