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Introducing the Online Kaleidoscope Healing Circle.  

I am so excited.  I have pulled together the most transformative and healing tools that I have used over the years and integrated them in this Healing Circle.  

The Kaleidoscope is designed especially for Women with Fibromyalgia.  I struggled with my health from an early age.  I have crawled out of the misery of fibromyalgia.  I am here to give you a helping hand to do the same.  Together we are more powerful than individually.

The Kaleidoscope Healing Circle

is a weekly online group experience where we explore, discover and dissolve the Fibromyalgia Matrix™ using movement, self-inquiry, prayer, presence, sound healing, energy healing, love, d compassion and more.    By gently discovering and unreveling the Fibromyalgia Matrix™ with love and compassion, we can move beyond the experience of fibromyalgia.

The Fibromyalgia Matrix™ is the interconnecting physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual imbalances that underlies the experience of fibromyalgia.  Each person’s matrix is unique to them, just like each fingerprint is unique.

Imagine yourself as a beautiful kaleidoscope, moving and morphing, harmonious and free, moment by moment through life.  The purpose of the healing circle is to remove the blockages so that you can, once again, move freely and joyfully moment by moment.

An important component in healing.

An important component for healing is the care of our inner life.  Our emotional body, our mind, our energy body and our spirit.  We might be taking wonderful care of our body, but if our minds are filled with negative thoughts, our emotions filled with negative feelings, and we are disconnected from our spirit, we simply won’t thrive.  Add to this, being disconnected from our purpose can leave us feeling lost and unfocused. 

Identifying and changing our negative thinking and negative emotions is easier said than done.  Often our beliefs are held in place by unresolved negative experiences and trapped emotions.  These same unresolved negative experiences and trapped emotions also block our connection to our spirit, our true nature and our purpose.

Bindu is a teacher who teaches from her heart with great sensitivity towards her students. Her gentle, holistic approach nourishes the body and soul on every level.  Bindu’s approach to yoga fit me perfectly and resulted in me incorporating a simple yoga routine into my everyday life. As a result of her teaching and inspiration, I have kept my body strong and supple, my mind more clear and focused for the past 10 years! I highly recommend Bindu! “

Kate Solisti

Author and Animal Communicator Specialist

The Healing Circle Includes: 

Integrative Movement.  Gentle movement aligned with the breath, yoga postures designed for women with fibromyalgia, drawing out your inner dancer, release of tension and pain and tone and strengthen the physical and energetic bodies.  Learn how to tune into your body’s needs and gently work with the body invoking healing and harmony with the physical and energetic bodies.

Integrative Presence.  Connecting with your higher self.   Discover the part of you that is larger than the body and mind.  Compassionately encounter and heal wounded parts of yourself.  Connect with inner peace.  Connect with God, Source, Spirit.

Self-Inquiry.  Discover and rescript unhealthy beliefs that undermine your health and happiness.  Release trapped emotions that interfere with your inner peace.  Rescript your mind to embrace healthy life affirming thoughts and beliefs.  Learn the art of flowing positive emotions.  Reconnect and align yourself with your core values.

Energy Healing.  Learn simple energetic tools that you can use at home.  Neutralize negative cellular memories that block healing.  Experience group energy healing session.  Feel the healing and rejuvenating experience of sound healing.  Get in touch with your own energy body.  Experience your own innate healing abilities.

Empath Training.  Understand what it means to be an empath.  Learn how to lovingly care for your empathic self.  Reconnect with your empathic abilities.  Learn how to use your empathic abilities to help yourself and other.

And More . . .

Online Kaleidoscope Healing Circle


I hope to see you there,

With Love, Bindu