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We are told . . .

We are told that there is no cure for fibromyalgia.  Even though that is a true statement, it doesn’t mean that we need to live with fibromyalgia for a lifetime.

For me, a cure is something that medical doctors come up with.  I didn’t believe that they would ever find a cure for fibromyalgia.  By that time, I had studied holistic heal long enough to believe that the answer lied in that arena.

Another story from my worst years . . .

During my worst years of fibromyalgia, I was told that there was no cure for fibromyalgia.  But my physical, mental and emotional pain was so severe that I refused to accept that.  I was not willing to live with this level of pain.  I had many nights were I prayed for death.  Anything to escape the idea that I would live in this torture for the rest of my life.  I wished that I had an illness that would kill me, rather than live this way.

As I really didn’t want to die or live my life with this level of suffering, I determined that I would heal myself.   That became my mission, my goal in life.

Over the next many years . . . 

That intention was challenged many time over the next several years.  I was able to manage my symptoms with natural remedies and modalities, but was still challenged by pain, fatigue, insomnia, depression and anxiety.

One of the health practitioners that I worked with suggested that every day, I repeat the phase, “I am healing.”   So for the next month, when I went out for my daily walk, that was my mantra.  There was a part of me that rebelled against this.  I wasn’t healing . . . blah, blah, blah.  But I just kept saying my mantra anyway.

Over the month, the part that was rebelling against my mantra began to soften and be more open.  I began to believe my mantra, that healing was possible. Yes there was still some doubt, but the possibility that I could heal became stronger.  This marked a shift in my healing.   I attracted a new modality that helped and created a major shift in my depression.

I continued with my mantra and things began to change.  I began to see my process in a new way.  I blended my experience and my trainings with listening more to my intuition and my body.  And things did change.  My health continued to improve from that time on.  I attracted to me what I needed to heal.  

Today . . .

Today, I would say I am 90% healed.  I still struggle with IBS, but that is continuing to  improve with the protocol that I am on.  

My invitation to you . . . 

Don’t give up hope.   Listen to your heart.  I give you my mantra, “I am healing,” or create your own.  Open your mind and heart to possibilities that you are not yet aware of.  Expand your perspective.  Invite healing.  

Say the mantra every day, in spite of what you have been told or what you believe.  Envision your self in a healthy body living a life that you love.  

May you have improved health and happiness, Bindu

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