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What kinds of stresses cause disease?

Underlying all dis-ease is stress.  Identifying a resolving the stress in our life is necessary to rebuilding our health.   Most stress is that which lies in our subconscious and impacts us on a level below our conscious awareness.  Yet, we can bring these things into awareness and heal and transform them and our lives.

Here is a brief summary of the top 5 areas of stress.

1.  Basic care of the body is essential for improved health.  Sometimes the body needs simply needs basic care such as proper food, water, exercise and rest.  Without this, the body cannot properly restore itself.  

2.  Our lifestyle choices is another area of consideration.  Sometimes the person needs improved communication in home, work and social relationships.  The individual might need greater balance between work, home and play.   Perhaps they need companionship, self-love, or community.  Perhaps they have a loss of purpose and focus for their lives.

3.  Perhaps there are biochemical imbalance happening in the body such as gut dysbiosis, Ph imbalances, hormonal imbalances, adrenal fatigue, etc.  And yet in these situations, a skilled practitioner would ask the question, “Why are the biochemical imbalances happening?  What is the underlying cause?”  Biochemical imbalances are usually secondary to a deeper underlying cause.

4.  Trauma, abuse and other negative life experiences can be a major factor in someone’s health.  Traumas leave a negative signature or vibration in the body.  If that isn’t resolved, it can undermine out health and happiness.  Identifying and neutralizing these energy signatures frees us from their influence, enhances our energy and opens the mind and heart to new possibilities.

5.  The mindset and emotional balance are a factor in health.  If an individual is angry and resentful, they are compromising their body’s ability to heal itself.  If a person is chronically sad and depressed, that will impact their health.  Then the question that must be asked is why the individual is angry, resentful, sad or depressed.

These areas are interconnected.

Understanding the underlying matrix between the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies can be complex.  In order rebuild our health, it is important to look at all dimensions, the imbalances in each dimension and the interrelationship between them.  We can progressively identify and resolve the imbalances and unweave the Fibromyalgia Matrix™.

Online Healing Circle Coming

In the coming month or two, I’ll be launching an online healing circle for women with fibromyalgia. This will be an opportunity for us to come together and support each other in identifying and resolving stress in our lives.  Discovering, healing, honoring and sharing and growing together in health and fulfillment as a community.

I hope you will join us.  Wishing you health and inner peace.