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The body is designed to heal itself if given what it needs.  Rebuilding your health is an inside-out process.   It takes the detective work to identify underlying causes of your symptoms and creating solutions that are in harmony with your body’s needs.  This approach has provided me with lasting solutions rather than chasing symptoms.

Here are the 4 areas that are essential to effectively rebuild your health:

1.  Essential Care of the Body

The body needs the proper food, rest, hydration, movement, relaxation, play, sleep, and breath to function optimally.  The body is designed to repair itself from daily functioning and even occasional stresses, traumas and accidents.  If any of these elements are missing, the body cannot properly repair itself.  If it cannot do that, then the wear and tear will degenerate the body at an accelerated rate which can show up as premature aging and chronic illnesses.

Another important element in the essential care of the body is to respect your unique bio-individuality.  Every body is different and needs a unique diet, amount of water, the right kind and amount of exercise, the right balance between work, play and rest, and even the right amount and timing of sleep.  Often these days we focus on treating a symptom or illness and disregard the bio-individual needs of the individual.   One size fits all approaches often don’t work.

A part of caring for the body is feeding it the right diet, exercise and rest.  But just as important is eliminating things that are stressful to the body, such as toxins from the environment, food, cleaning products, body products and more.  This reduces the toxic load that your body has to deal with and allows that freed up energy to be put towards healing.

2.  Care of the Mind, Emotions and Spirit

The mind, body and emotions are intricately linked.   You can be providing your body with excellent care, but if your mindset is negative, if you are dealing with a lot of negative emotions, if you have a history of abuse or traumas in your past your ability to rebuild your health will be compromised.

Working with a practitioner who is skilled in dismantling the mental and emotional components of an illness is a great resource.  I have found this is where the greatest and most effective healing is to be found.  In ancient, traditional and cutting-edge approaches, the connection between the mind, emotions and body is well mapped and can be identified and unraveled.

Modern research is showing that 80-90% of all illnesses are caused by stress.  Stress can come from many places.   The primary source of stress isn’t what is happening outside of us, but what is happening inside of us.  In his book, The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton, PhD, reveals how negative memories residing in our sub and unconscious data banks are a primary source of stress.  Identifying and resolving those hidden memories are an important component to rebuilding your health.

The spiritual dimension is also important.  It provides us with an inner sense of well-being beyond the body, emotions and mind.  It is a connection to God, our Higher Self and an increased connection to ourselves, others and the world around us.   Without that connection, our lives can feel empty . . . like something is just missing.  Feeling that divine connection is fuel for the energy that heals the body.

3.  Identifying and Resolving Causative Factors

When you have a chronic Illness such as fibromyalgia, it is because the body isn’t functioning optimally.  When the functions of the body are failing, it is because there is a toxic build up in the body and underlying imbalances in the energy flow and lack of communication within the body between the organs, cells and neuro-endocrine systems.  It would be like putting ill football players on a field littered with trash and with no direction or teamwork.  They would just run around in chaos and get very little accomplished.  That is what happens in the body.

The body’s innate repair system is not able to keep up with the degeneration that has happened.  It is important to restore the energy flow, detoxify the body, restore the microbiome, repair cellular damage, resolve inherited genetic susceptibilities and support the body’s systems to return to balance and optimal function.

If you have a chronic illness such as fibromyalgia, the imbalance hasn’t happened over night.  It has been building over time.  Perhaps your health declined slowly, or one event threw you over the edge where the body couldn’t recover.    Rebuilding your health is a process of reversing the degeneration that has happened with steady focus and commitment.

4.  Reclaim Your Life – Enhancing your Expression

To reclaim your life it is helpful, maybe even necessary to have a picture or vision of who you are as a healthy person.  What would your life look like if you were healthy?  What are your dreams and desires? What are your core values and mission?

For some, you can remember a time in your life that you were healthy.  For other, perhaps you have a vision of what you would like to be able to do or create with your life.  What is important about the vision is that it reminds you that what you are experiencing is temporary, that you can have a healthier happier life; that the work you are doing is your investment in a happier healthier future.    If you finding it is creating stress or tension between what is and what you want, remind yourself that acceptance of your current situation is but one step toward creating the future you want.

That vision is what will pull you through the healing process into health.  Rebuilding your health is a process, not an event.  It is a journey that will be filled with victories and challenges.  You will have good days and bad days.  It is during these times, that the vision of a healthy future can keep you going.

In Summary

The journey to full health can be an amazing journey of learning to love yourself and your body.  Of creating a healthy loving relationship with your body and rediscovering your intuitive knowing and inherent gifts and unique energy signature.  It can be a process of unraveling all that holds you back and keeps you stuck in life; whether that be your health, finances, career, or relationships.

My mission is to assist women with fibromyalgia who which to undertake this journey.  I hope you will join me.  Together we can create a supportive community of women committed to rebuilding our health, reclaiming our lives, rediscovering our joy and aligning with our purpose.