My training and experience has shaped my life and what I bring to you.

I have spent forty-plus years studying, living, and teaching about creating health, happiness, ad fulfillment through wholistic living, diet, and lifestyle.  With many tools at my disposal, I can easily address the multiple daunting challenges that face women living with fibromyalgia.

Inner Presence Coaching, trained by Jerry Donahue.  Inner presence coaching supports the client to be present with emotions, thoughts and physical sensations that allow them to go deeper into their experience.  This allow deeper awareness and draws out solutions from your intuition, Higher Self, Source.  The work is gentle and transformative.  By meeting ourself with compassion and awareness, change happens naturally from the inside out.  

Bionetic Practitioner trained by New Human.  Bionetics is a complex science founded on the premise that the body is, by nature, intelligent and that all processes within it are “mindful”. This science recognizes that, when it comes to health, the body cannot be separated from the mind and emotions and neither can the mind and emotions be separated from the body.  Using the New Human’s SpectraVision non-cognitive Bionetic feedback device to measure and map the flow of the client’s energy with remarkable accuracy provides cutting edge insight and multi-dimensional treatment options not available elsewhere.

Certified Bio-Energetic Practioner and Wellness Consultant from the College of Bio-energetic Medicine is based on understanding the Design of the Body, Homotoxicology and Homeopathy.  If given what it needs, the body is designed to heal itself.  The key to full healing is taping into the wisdom of the body and understanding the underlying causes of dis-ease.

Board Certified Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in connection with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.  My IIN education has equipped me with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and preventive health.   In addition, I gained the skills to assist you in identifying and successfully dealing with challenging life issues and support you in implementing desired changes, overcoming blockages, and growing into your full potential.

Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor.  Metabolic Typing is a process of discovering the unique diet for your body. MT aids in supporting the physical body through re-balancing the body’s ecological system, identifying the right diet and supplements for your unique needs, and identifying blocking factors and enhancements to create full health.

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) is a process of identifying imbalances in your physical body through lab testing and supporting you with targeted protocols that not only offer intelligent symptom relief but directly address the underlying physical imbalances that lead to malfunctions and ill health in the body.

The Healing Codes and Phoenix Rising Therapy are heart-centered approaches to address unresolved emotional issues and limiting beliefs that block your physical healing as well as contentment and success in life.

Yuen Method assists in shifting deeply held energetic imbalances and restoring proper functioning of your body’s inherent wisdom and connection to universal consciousness/wisdom.

My training in Kripalu Yoga, Synchronicity Contemporary Meditation, and Spirituality offers a compassionate and wholistic view of the process of life, allowing me to assist you in finding a deeper strength and wisdom from within and with your inner light and divine essence.

The School of Hard Knocks, as my father calls it, is my life experiences.  This is where the rubber meets the road.  Encountering and moving beyond countless challenges in every area of my life has given me the opportunity to put all that I have learned into practice.  If I was able to overcome such challenges I know that you can, too.  I hold that space of knowing that when the process seems challenging, there is still hope.

Inner Wisdom.  Sometimes, my training and education was not sufficient to overcome my challenges.  At these times, I drew upon my inner wisdom to guide me.  This gift has served me well and aids me in empowering you to connect with your inner wisdom on your unique journey.

Ongoing Reading and Studying.  Each book I read or training I attend adds to my knowledge.  I have new insights, see old things in new ways, and feel my inner guidance validated by what I read and study.  I remain current with regard to cutting edge developments in the areas of health, wellness, and spirituality.

My Students and Clients.  You are some of my greatest teachers.  I learn by being present with you, listening to you, and watching you grow and blossom.  You are the greatest joy in my life.

The combined power of these tools, technologies, and experiences provides a multi-dimensional, multi-faceted approach to health by addressing body, mind, emotions, expression, spirit, and energy.

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